About Let’s Say Thanks

Ageing can be tough.

It doesn’t have to be though.

Some say life begins at 60 and while this might be slightly exaggerated, the message behind it is certainly true. Sure, there are some impairments, but in general there isn’t much your age really prevents you from doing.

Pick up a new hobby, start dating again, find a sport you enjoy, maybe travel? The world is yours, still.


Let’s Say Thanks is your one stop resource for seniors and caregivers. On our website you’ll find everything related to senior living.

Who we are

We are a team of caregivers and assisted living experts who know exactly what questions you have. Decades of experience in elder care combined guarantees accurate information you can rely on.


Isabella Matthews

Isabella works in senior care and loves doing so. With over 10 years of experience in the field she is a reliable source for everything around day care and the senior lifestyle in general. In her free time she enjoys playing volleyball and artistic painting.


Katherine Shaw

Katherine is a medical sales assistant and focuses on senior products. She is an expert when it comes to mobility for seniors as well as for safety equipment. When she is not counseling seniors or their family members, she enjoys riding the bike and spending time with her two kids.

We guide you through the golden and best years of your life or support you once you encounter the difficulties that all of us might face eventually. Looking for a nursing home for yourself or your parents? We got you covered. Not sure about what activity a senior with a mental health condition might enjoy? We have an article.

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