American Standard Walk-In Tubs Review


American Standard have maintained high standards for over 140 years making them very popular providers, in fact, statistically you can find their products in three out of every five homes within the USA. American Standard service commercially as well as to private consumers. With innovative products, American Standard are improving your quality of everyday life. With a legacy to die for, American Standard are looking to ensure as they say in their own words, that the “world never stops flowing”.

Why should you consider a walk-in bath?

There are a great variety of walk-in baths available to you, but the reason they exist and why they are so popular is their accessibility and safety. Although in theory anyone can benefit, it tends to be seniors who make the most of them due to mobility issues.

As well as solving mobility issues, you may find yourself in a position where you can also access great additional benefits with a walk-in bath, for example the use of hydrotherapy which leaves you feeling that every time you have a bath, you are having a spa-like experience. As well as this, many walk-in baths have showering capabilities as well.

What American Standard bring

They look to provide walk-in tubs with a difference, focusing on the highest quality of safety features alongside what they describe as “luxury” options for you to have a relaxing time in your walk-in bath.

One feature specifically for the walk-in bath models is the door. American Standard provide a selection of door and installation configurations for those looking for their perfect walk-in tub.

Many models they offer include hydrotherapy options where you will be able to add either the air bath or whirlpool feature. By selecting these features, you can really feel as if you are enjoying a spa-like experience.

You can also select the colours of your underwater LED lights for chromatherapy purposes and American Standard have looked to ensure that their walk-in tubs are ADA compliant.

How do you purchase an American Standard walk-in tub?

With their walk-in tubs, American Standard sell directly to major home improvement retailers for resale. Retailers include Lowes and Home Depot. Be aware that when you do purchase from a third party vendor, the cost of the installation will be separate.

However, you can use the American Standard website to view available walk-in tubs, along with their features.

The installation process with American Standard

Once you have selected the perfect walk-in bath for yourself, a certified and licensed installer will come to your home. From there, they will remove your old tub and install the new one. Once completed, they will test the walk-in bath to ensure it works and then give you a demonstration of all the features.

Walk-in tubs from American Standard

At American Standard they provide a variety of different types of walk-in baths and within each category there is a wealth of variety of walk-in baths available. The types of walk-in baths can be divided in to four categories; Walk-in Air Baths, Deep Soaking Tubs, Combo Massage Tubs and Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs. Below you will see a brief description of each along with the number of models available and the price range of them:

Walk-in Air Baths – $5,844 – $10,624

65 models available

A walk-in tub with massage ability through the production of thousands of tiny air bubbles. The strength of the massage is adjustable.

Deep Soaking Tubs – $4,845 – $8,551

58 models available

Perfect for those who like to enjoy ample time in the bath. The seat with these walk-in tubs is both reclined and wider. These tubs are specifically designed as to provide a “luxurious full body soak”.

Combo Massage Tubs – $6,314 – $11,410

67 models available

Multiple features come with the Combo Massage Tub including both the water jets of a whirlpool and the air jets of an air bath. The strength of the features is adjustable to your personal preference.

Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs – $5,433 – $10,188

63 models available

A massage effect through jet streams is available with the Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs. Jet stream strength is adjustable.

Features, features… and more features

With American Standard, as they offer such a selection of walk-in tubs, it is an impossible task to describe all the features for each tub, however, below you will find a selection of features which can be found in numerous varieties of their walk-in tubs:

  • Colours available in white, linen and biscuit.
  • Hand-held shower wand.
  • Simple touch controls for many features.
  • One-touch control jet system.
  • Targeted massaging jets.
  • RevitaJet Whole Body Hydrotherapy System.
  • Seven-color chromatherapy.
  • Built-in aromatherapy.
  • Built-in grab bars.
  • Outward opening doors.
  • Low threshold for entering and exiting the walk-in bath.
  • Quick Drain system.
  • Automatic Water Purging System.
  • Slip-resistant textured floor surface.
  • Self-cleaning sanitary ozone system.
  • Solid brass fixtures and faucets.
  • ADA compliant.

American Standard’s most popular walk-in tub

The most popular walk-in tub from American Standard, if you are going by the number of sales is the Gelcoat Value Series 30×52 inch Outward Opening Door Soaking Walk-In Bathtub. The tub has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $5,548. It comes with the following features:

  • Deep Soaking Tub.
  • Two finishes available which are white and linen.
  • Built-in chair.
  • Outward opening door.
  • Built-in safety bar.
  • Textured floor.
  • Premium fast-fill tub faucet.
  • Handheld showering wand.
  • Polished chrome trim.

The pros to American Standard

At American Standard, you get a very different experience compared to other providers. See below a selection of reasons for why people choose American Standard as their provider for walk-in tubs:

  • They have a unique Quick Drain system which can drain water in two minutes or less.
  • RevitaJet Whole Body Hydrotherapy System.
  • Low threshold for entering and exiting the bath.
  • Automatic Water Purging System.
  • There is a huge selection of walk-in tubs available, divisible by clear categories.
  • Pricing is clear and defined.
  • Can purchase walk-in tubs through various methods.
  • Excellent long-standing history and reputation in the industry.
  • Free installation estimates.
  • Varying levels of warranty available.

The cons to American Standard

As noted, American Standard vary greatly from other providers. Many of those differences are positive for American Standard, however not all of them, as seen below:

  • Although having so many choices is great, there are far too many choices available which can make the experience of searching for a walk-in tub a very unalluring one. They say you can “save time, money and headaches and get a fully installed… Walk-in Tub with just a click of the button”. That statement may be true, but only providing you can find that needle in a haystack button first.
  • The website is clear, but as you delve deeper in to using it, it becomes very difficult to use and navigate.
  • A walk-in bathtub is more expensive than your normal bathtub. One reason being they often require professionals for installation.
  • Returns are very costly. You pay a 15% restocking fee for returns as well as freight costs regarding the original shipment and the return shipment.
  • Varying levels of warranty available.


With American Standard you get varying levels of warranty, depending on the walk-in bath or component. The warranty will also vary according to the model of the walk-in bath and their personal components. However, you can be sure that your door seal has a lifetime warranty as does everything concerning the Liberation model of the walk-in tubs.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

American Standard has an ‘A+’ rating from the BBB.


With American Standard you receive a different experience compared to many other providers of walk-in baths, this is because they have a huge selection on offer for you. Having such an array of options has made finding the most perfect walk-in bath for you easier than ever, providing you can handle scrolling through the large number of walk-in baths that they offer.

The walk-in baths have numerous excellent features available to you, such as being simple to use, they are easy to enter and exit, as well as having certain features such as the Quick Drain System, RevitaJet Whole Body Hydrotherapy System and Automatic Water Purging System.