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We evaluated more than 15 adjustable bed companies and after careful consideration, we chose 5 of the best adjustable beds for seniors to review.

Best Adjustable Beds

Natural Form

Ethical |
  • Mattress contains chambers and air pods
  • Two different forms of finance
A socially conscience company that has an outstanding sustainable strategy. Their mattresses are designed with chambers and air pods. Natural Form offer adjustable beds on both ends of the financial scale.

Leggett & Platt

Variety available |
  • Great reputation and track record
  • LP Sense and LP Connect
Leggett & Platt have a history that their competitors can only dream of and are a stalwart of the industry. They have a large selection of beds available, all in their own unique style as well as having unique features such as LP sense for safety and LP Connect which is a communication platform.

Saatva Mattress

Sustainability |
  • 100% Organic Cotton Mattress Cover
  • $150 off $1,000 spent
Producers of luxury mattresses made by an in-house team. Saatva look to produce the ultimate mattress.

Nectar Sleep

Great online store |
  • Easy to use website
  • Affordable products
Designed as an affordable alternative to their competitors, by selecting Nectar Sleep you will still have access to great features as well as a White Glove delivery service and varying levels of warranty.

Loom & Leaf

Verry affordable |
  • Whisper Soft motor
  • Finance available with Klarna
Loom & Leaf strike the balance between affordability and high-quality. You can relax with Loom & Leaf courtesy of their massage capability and Whisper Soft motor.

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is one where the surface on which you sleep on, can be controlled, meaning you can adjust and elevate your bed as required. As well as the surface being adjustable, you will often find that the legs are also adjustable in height. Adjustable beds are commonly used in both hospitals as well as for private use.

Things to consider

When selecting which adjustable bed you want, you may wish to consider some of the following points regarding the adjustable bed:

Adjustable bed features

If the adjustable bed is not the right one for you to start with, then all other factors behind selecting an adjustable bed become irrelevant. As a result, you may select your adjustable bed based on certain features.


In general, air mattresses, latex and memory foam mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds. However, for example an innerspring mattress may not be a suitable mattress selection choice if you decide that you require an adjustable bed.


There is generally a White Glove service, however it is essential that you find out exactly what will be covered and completed under this White Glove service, because if you make a mistake it can be costly.

In most instances, the service will deliver your adjustable bed and put it together, however what happens to your old bed can vary from provider to provider, so establish whether they will provide any help in removal.

Some White Glove services provided are free, but this does not cover all providers. It is also of critical importance that you check dimensions before your purchase. This is because if you buy an incorrect size adjustable bed, then that is a ‘you’ problem. This mistake can end up being costly.


Although not relevant to everyone, it is worth noting the capacity of the adjustable bed, particularly if you are a larger individual. Thankfully, there are plentiful options out there so you can select an adjustable bed which is specifically able to cater for a large capacity.


Warranty is a mine field in the area of adjustable beds. You must establish all warranty that comes with your adjustable bed. For example, it may come in stages, that being the strength of the warranty erodes over time. In addition, you may end up finding there are vastly different levels of warranty for different features of the adjustable bed.


You may be interested in the background of the companies recommended. This is because you will find that many companies will have an ethical standpoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are adjustable beds safe?

Yes. They are safe for adults and seniors. However, it is not recommended that children or pets go near the adjustable bed in case of injury. To try and counter this potential safety problem, many manufacturers have included pinch detection and gravity fall detection.

Is my type of mattress important?

Yes. Unfortunately, not all adjustable beds are compatible with every mattress available. As discussed earlier in this article, the innerspring mattress is an example of an incompatible mattress.

What are the levels of warranty?

Warranty is variable. It may last 5, 10, 20, 25 or even up to 40 years. Do note that this warranty will most likely not cover every aspect of the adjustable bed. In addition, research the strength of the levels of warranty as the coverage may decline over the years regarding each area of the adjustable bed.

Why say yes to adjustable beds

Adjustable beds come with various features, all of which are designed to enhance your quality of life. See below a few reasons for why adjustable beds may be right for you:

  • Accessibility – The adjustable bed is designed to make your life easier. One example of this is the often-found USB charging points. Although not the be all and end all for your decision making when buying an adjustable bed, it is comforting to know you no longer must stretch and encounter pain to reach a charging port.
  • Comfort – With many positions available, you can change and rearrange your adjustable bed at your convenience, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Great for pain sufferers – It is well documented that an adjustable bed is of great importance to those with chronic back pain, those in need of lumbar support and sufferers of both arthritis and neck problems.
  • Zero Gravity – Having the ability to create customized positions for yourself can reduce the downward pressure on your body, which is great for your pain relief.

Why say no to adjustable beds

There are a few drawbacks to be aware of. See below what these drawbacks are:

  • Breaking down – Unfortunately with an adjustable bed you will find that you are exposed to numerous electrical and mechanical components. Inevitably over time their reliability will wane away, as displayed by the warranty on these components.
  • Compatibility – As mentioned earlier, the adjustable bed is compatible with numerous types of mattress, but not all.
  • Price – Understandably with an adjustable bed, it is a specialised bed and with looking for any kind of specialised equipment, it is inevitable that the price will rise.
  • Warranty – The warranty is complicated, variable and very easy to misunderstand. It does not leave you feeling as protected as you should feel from warranty.


When selecting your adjustable bed, you may find that certain features appeal to you more than others. Whereas below you will see a list of common features that come with an adjustable bed, what makes these beds and their companies stand out against each other is the unique features that they have. See below a list of features you may find on an adjustable bed:

  • Adjustable legs
  • Anti-snoring
  • App
  • Elevation
  • Massage
  • Pillow tilt
  • Programmable features
  • Under bed lighting
  • USB
  • WallHugger
  • Weight capacity


How did we rate the adjustable beds on offer?

When making our decision from our research on which adjustable bed we believe is the best, we had to take into consideration numerous different factors. The factors centred on the beds themselves including their features and price, as well as also placing partial focus on the company from which the adjustable bed is from. This is because with each company being different, some companies had certain qualities which were not present in the other companies that were researched.

Adjustable Bed Reviews

When carrying out our review of adjustable beds, the following adjustable beds from these companies stood out in comparison to their competitors in the adjustable bed market; Natural Form, Reverie, Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems, BeautyRest, Tempur-Pedic, Leggett & Platt and Nectar Sleep.

Natural Form

Ethical approach |

Natural Form try to make the buying process as simple as possible for consumers. You can buy their high-quality adjustable beds straight from their website. Natural Form also stand out because of their sustainable approach, with their mattresses only being made from safe natural non-toxic chemicals, to their facility in Vermont being 100% electrically generated via solar power.

Uniquely, instead of Natural Form’s mattresses containing springs or layers of foam, their mattresses use chambers and air pods instead with the intention to bring more comfort and pain relief.

You have a choice of three adjustable beds you can purchase from Natural Form, from the standard Leggett & Platt Brio, to the Leggett & Platt S-222 and the luxurious Leggett & Platt Ultra. If you decide to select the most luxurious adjustable bed on offer, you will have a capacity of 850lbs, back-lit wireless safety feature remote, full body dual massage, MicroHook, multiple customizable programmable positions, flat button, snore button, power down, under bed lighting and WallHugger technology.

Their White Glove delivery service will deliver and set up of your new bed. They will also move your old bed, however if you are looking to remove your old bed, then you will be subject to an additional $125 fee.

Natural Form offer a 100-night trial whereby if you decide to return your mattress during that period, then you are entitled to 100% of your money back.

There are two different forms of financing available if required, whereby you can use either Synchrony (pay off over a 12 to 36-month period) or Natural Form (three-pay financing, where you pay 50% in month one and then 25% in both month two and three).

Be aware Natural Form delivers to only 48 states in the USA and neighbouring Canadian provinces. In the event you do not fall within that geographical frame, you may be subject to additional freight charges.

Natural Form have a ‘A+’ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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Leggett & Platt

Great variety |

Leggett & Platt have a reputation many competitors would envy, going strong for more than 130 years and owning some patents. In that time, Leggett & Platt have been producing adjustable beds for more than 40 years.

Although their adjustable beds are compatible with most mattresses, be aware they are not compatible with mattresses that have a border wire.

When selecting an adjustable bed from Leggett & Platt, you are met with the equivalent of a catalogue of variety which can be divided into premium models, performance models and new models coming soon.

The premium models are top of the range and take advantage of features such as MicroHook technology, touch remote, WallHugger technology and their app. In selecting a performance model, you still have access to great features such as massage capability, underlighting, emergency power-down functions and Zero Gravity position. As aptly named, the new models are a taster showing what new adjustable beds are to come.

As well as those features, Leggett & Platt also have LP Sense and LP Connect. The LP Sense is a safety system to avoid pinching whilst the bed returns to a flat position and LP Connect is a communication platform that powers how your remote control relates to your adjustable bed.

Warranty is typically variable, from nothing to 25 years. The warranty is limited in that it reduces as the length of time goes on, with labor and transport only being covered in the first year and defects lasting for the first three years.

Leggett & Platt have no accreditation from the BBB.

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Nectar Sleep

Great Online Shop |

Nectar Sleep provide an affordable alternative whilst maintaining comfort and using the best materials available out there.

There are numerous beds sizes you can select from, from twin to split king. With your adjustable bed, you can take advantage of massage settings, Zero Gravity, programmable memory setting, USB ports and a wireless remote.

Nectar Sleep do have a White Glove service available to you which will include delivery and set up of your bed as well as removal of your previous bed. Delivery is not free however, with the mattress costing $149 and other additional items are $45 each.

The Nectar Sleep website displays the costs of the products. This transparency is music to the ears of all adjustable bed shoppers. You can also apply for finance via Affirm if necessary and Nectar Sleep make this easy for you, allowing you to apply via their website.

In the event of a return, you can receive a refund on a mattress and the product (providing it falls within the return period and remains unopened). You cannot get a refund on the White Glove service.

Warranty varies according to the item of reference. For example, the mattress has forever warranty whilst the bed frame, electronic, electrical components, drive motors and massage motors have a three-year warranty.

Nectar Sleep received an ‘A-‘ rating from the BBB.

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Great features |

Reverie have made adjustable beds since 2008.

Features of a Reverie adjustable bed include a 3D-Wave massage with two advanced wave modes and 10 intensity levels, removable side rails, ProGrip adjustable lumbar support, pre-sets for Zero Gravity and anti-snore. The bed can be controlled through a mobile app (Reverie Nightstand). The app can control all bed features.

The adjustable beds come in the following sizes; twin XL, full, queen and split California king. The adjustable legs can rise from 10 inches, up to 15 inches. Maximum capacity for the bed is 850 pounds. Reverie also supply mattresses.

Delivery is free as is set up for any sleep system, though customized items can take longer than a month to arrive with you. There is a delivery fee however if you select a mattress, linens, bases or accessories.

Warranty for the foundations, motorized bed frame and foundation parts is 20 years. Labor is covered for the first year, parts are covered up to year five and the remaining life span of the warranty covers just the frame.

Reverie has an ‘A-‘ rating from the BBB.

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems

Great Value |

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems sell throughout the whole of the USA. Easy Rest manufactures all their own parts.

To provide maximum attention to your comfort, adjustable beds with Easy Rest are divided into thirds. As well as this, another method in which Easy Rest display that they have your comfort in mind is that their adjustable beds use a Quiet Whisper Power motor. The Quiet Whisper motor is a luxurious contraption and Easy Rest are the only bed maker in the USA that is licenced to use it.

Easy Rest has numerous models of adjustable beds, from budget to luxury. For example the Economy Electric Bed is designed for basic functions and thus is a cheaper version, whereas the Platinum Adjustable Bed offered by Easy Rest is a bed of luxury offering programmable memory positions, pre-set positions, various forms of massage, the Headboard Glider, wireless remote and the ability to accommodate various types of mattress.

Easy Rest has no retail stores and their website does not offer any clear pricing. Easy Rest do advertise though, that you can secure financing for a 48-month term. Although some may appreciate it, while others find it unnecessary, to buy an Easy Rest adjustable bed, you will first have to have a consultation with one of their consultants who will personally visit you.

Common with other competitors, the warranty available varies widely from 90 days to twenty years according to what aspect of the equipment that is being referred to. In addition, the warranty for each model of adjustable bed is variable so be sure to check this out before moving forward and purchasing your adjustable bed.

Easy Rest do not accept returns or offer any trial period.

Rest Right Mattress

Great Online Retailer |

A company that focuses on just adjustable beds, producing quality at competitive prices.

As an online retailer, Rest Right offer adjustable beds from five different brands, of which some of those brands have made it on to our list in this article for the best adjustable bed. Brands on offer are Reverie, Glideaway, Ergomotion, Leggett & Platt and Rize.

Their White Glove delivery service is reputable and Rest Right also offer free shipping on every order.

Although competitively priced, if you do require financing options, Rest Right have a partnership with PayPal Financing whereby you may be able to gain access to flexible payment options. For example, if you can pay off the amount in full within the first six months, then you will not be subject to interest on purchases which were $99 or more.

Before you do purchase an adjustable bed, do make sure you shop around for the best price for your selection, as Rest Right offer a lowest price guarantee where if you find the same adjustable bed at a cheaper price, they will beat that price. Unfortunately, Rest Right do not advertise prices on their website.

As a provider of multiple different brands, it is vastly important to make yourself aware of the levels of warranty.

Rest Right has an ‘A-‘ rating from the BBB.


Great Products |

Part of Simmons Bedding Company, BeautyRest is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

There are numerous features with their adjustable beds including a massage system with six different levels, Snore Relief and zero-gravity sleeping positions.

Providing you have a moderately up to date smartphone, you can also take full advantage of the BeautyRest app, named Sleeptracker. As the name of the app would suggest, the app can track data from your periods of sleeps, being able to determine your breathing, heart rate and the deepness of your sleep. If you do purchase an adjustable bed from BeautyRest, then the app is free for the first two years. After the initial two-year period, you will be charged $4.99 a month afterwards.

When selecting your adjustable bed from BeautyRest, they try to cater for all wallet sizes, by offering three beds with the SmartMotion Base 1.0 being the most basic model the SmartMotion Base 2.0 or SmartMotion Base 3.0 being more expensive.

Despite not being a member of the BBB, it still has managed to attain an ‘A+’ rating from them.


Adjustable beds are designed to bring added benefit to your lives through ease of use, accessibility and comfort. From our comprehensive research we have laid out what we believe to be the best and most diverse list of adjustable beds available to you.

In addition to the many great benefits that come with an adjustable bed, do bear in mind the drawbacks. Also as reiterated throughout the article, make sure you are wise of warranty available as you must be protecting yourself and only by being thorough can you correctly do that.

See below the summary table of the manufacturers we have recommended along with what we consider them to be great for:

Adjustable Beds CompanyGreat For
Natural FormGreat ethical approach
ReverieGreat features
Easy RestGreat value
Rest RightGreat online retailer
BeautyRestGreat value
Tempur-PedicGreat products
Leggett & PlattGreat variety
Nectar SleepGreat website