Top Blogs For Seniors: From Fashion To Crafting

If you are a senior citizen, or you’re in contact with one, whether that’s a loved one of yours, or in the nursing home or retirement home that you’re associated with, it’s worth remembering that the internet provides you with a ton of resources at your disposal.

Blogs are great sources of information that can be heavily reliant on facts, personal experiences and professional advice, giving you the information you need to improve lives.

Maybe you are looking for the best places to travel around the world as a senior.

In this case, you could explore any number of the vast travel blogs available (see below) to see what places cater to elderly the best, as well as up to date travel information and advice on how to have a great experience, all backed by fact and personal adventures who have been there and done it themselves.

Perhaps you’re trying to update your wardrobe or looking for a new hobby to start and enjoy.
Once again, online blogs provide an outstanding array of information to get you started with everything you need.

However, when it comes to finding a blog that offers what you are looking for it is easier said than done.
With this in mind, today we’re going to explore the top blogs out there for seniors. We will help you find the content you’re looking for in no time at all.

This means more energy for research and doing what you love, and less time in front of your computer trying to find a reliable source of knowledge.

The following information is broken down into sections, making it easy for you to explore the kind of blogs you want to look for, therefore making it quick and easy to locate the information you need!

Senior citizen sits on a lake and enjoys the view

Best General Blogs

Sunrise Senior Living – (General)
If you’re looking for a well-rounded blog that can become your one-stop-shop for all your senior information needs, including finance, planning, caregiver info, healthcare, specially-curated food and nutrition advice, and a range of other hot topics, the Sunrise Senior Living blog is for you.

This dedicated and continuously updated blog has several new posts uploaded every week, helping you to stay in the know about all areas of senior living and lifestyle options.

April Braswell – (Dating)
As you get older, especially since the world has changed so much in the last few decades, there are many seniors out there who are slightly uneasy when it comes to the dating scene. However, April Braswell has made it her mission to ensure that this isn’t the case.

This blog contains a wide range of senior dating advice, US meetups and dating event information and even offers a virtual coaching club. This helps you to get back on your feet and out there into the world to meet new people in the confident ‘You’ that you’ve always been.

Senior Planet – (General/Technology)
You may find that technology is far beyond your grasp as an elderly citizen. After all, things in this area seem to change so quickly all the time.

This doesn’t need to be the case.

Senior Planet sets out to bridge the information gap, providing you with a ton of tricks and tips on how to make technology work for you.

Additionally, Senior Planet offers other categories, including how to age healthily, dating advice, gardening advice and an assortment of topics you can search through to see what you’re interested in.

Senior travelling to the ocean

Best Travel Blogs

The Senior Nomads – (Personal Experience)
Run by Debbie and Michael Campbell, The Senior Nomads is a senior-themed travel blog maintained by a couple who left Seattle, Washington back in 2013 when they were due to retire, rented their home and set out on an adventure to travel the world.

Since then, they have traveled to over 230 unique cities spanning 70 countries in nearly every continent in the world. In their blog, they detail their experiences over their four-year journey, talking about the best places to visit, travel advice for those wanting to travel themselves and information on the destinations they’ve been visiting.

Senior Travel Expert – (Travel Advice)
If you’re looking for information about any country in the world, as well as up-to-date tips and advice on destinations, travel processes and some of the best deals out there for seniors, this is the blog for you.

Not only does this blog feature daily updates which cover everything from money and currency exchange to travel ideas and inspiration, but you’ll also find exclusive deals with some of the best elderly travel companies, such as Saga and a comprehensive range of hotels and travel providers including Marriott and Hilton.

Travel and Leisure – (Inspiration)
The senior travel section on Travel and Leisure is overflowing with content for you to indulge in. If you’re stuck trying to think of good places to visit or the best deals and excursions available around the world, this blog got you covered.

With daily posts covering all aspects of travel, including top-ten lists, best States and destinations to retire in and even travel-related studies and research posts, this is a site you’re going to want to bookmark as soon as possible.

Elderly lady dressed fashionable

Best Fashion Blogs

Senior Style Bible – (Women’s Fashion)
Senior Style Bible is run by Dorrie Jackson, an ‘ex-model, make-up artists and quasi-expert on aging stylishly’ and she’s here to provide you with all the fashion-based information, tips, and style guides that you’ll need to look your best.

80 years old at the time of writing, Jackson looks amazing and shares her knowledge of the fashion industry with you on a daily basis. On this hugely popular blog, she also talks about senior dating, senior lifestyle and everything else you need to live in the most confident version of You.

Sixty and Me – (Lifestyle/Fashion)
Sixty and Me is a fantastic resource of information for women over 60 that prides itself on its comprehensive and extensive fashion section that covers everything you’ll ever need to know about the industry, the latest fashion tips, and advice from the experts.

The blog also boasts a fully-featured lifestyle section that covers a ton of senior-related topics, including dating, mindset, finance management, health, well-being and many daily quizzes and brain games for you to enjoy.

Grey Fox Blog – (Men’s Fashion)
As men get into their older years, it’s not uncommon for them to start thinking more about their appearance and how they want to present themselves to the world. Grey Fox Blog, one of the highest rated Vuelio-awarded blogs, knows this all too well and caters to this niche perfectly.

With everything you need to know when it comes to dressing well, personal grooming, the best senior-orientated products and a vast number of discount codes and vouchers for your favorite outlets, this is the one-stop-shop for senior men looking to find themselves fully.

Elderly woman going for a walk

Best Blogs for Senior Women

ElderChicks – (Lifestyle/Personal Experience)
ElderChicks is home to a wide variety of topics and posts from senior women around the world just like you. It covers all areas of senior life including finances, love lives, dating, fashion, well-being and general health. It is a goldmine of information.

What’s more, you’ll be able to comment on the posts and engage with other like-minded women from around the world. There’s even a newsletter you can sign up for and the chance to write your own content and share your own story!

VivaFifty – (Lifestyle/Well-Being)
As we get older, it’s vital that you continue to look after yourself in the best possible way, ensuring you can enjoy your golden years. VivaFifty sets out to make this possible effortlessly.

On this colorful blog, you’ll find a depth of information that covers all aspects of life, ranging from body and diet tips and advice from the experts, holiday and travel information, dating techniques, mindset control and there’s even a dedicated spiritual section to explore. – (Personal Experience/Lifestyle)
WowBlog (Women’s Older Wisdom) is a cutting-edge blog which sets out to change the taboo that older women are past their best days, and life really does begin at 60 or above.

With the tagline that age is just number, this is an extensive resource run by Pat Taub, a feminist who has been proactive in change for over 40 years. Here, she shares her life experiences and engages in all manner of conversation with her followers.

Senior enjoying the outdoors

Best Blogs for Senior Men

The Art of Manliness – (Lifestyle/Health)
Easily one of the most popular men’s blogs on the internet, the Art of Manliness is a one-stop blog for everything you could ever be interested in as a senior man. While the blog caters for men of all ages, there’s no shortage of content here for senior men looking to find something that interests them.
With everything you could want to know on fashion, lifestyle, hobbies, grooming and dating advice, jokes, daily cartoons, random knowledge sections and a daily/weekly newsletter, this is everything you could ever want from a senior men’s blog. Get ready to feel inspired.

Time Goes By – (Personal Experience / Humor)
Looking for a real, gritty and utterly entertaining take on senior life from one of the most popular blog writers in the senior male niche? Time Goes By is exactly what you’ve been looking for. With a ton of personal opinion pieces, this blog cuts to the very heart of what elderly life is like while remaining full of grace and with a drop of comedy.

With multiple posts a week, this is a regularly-updated blog that will never fail to give you something interesting to read and engage with.

Senior painting and drawing

Best Blogs for Hobbies

Bloggeries – (General)
Are you looking for a new hobby to engage in and spend your time?
Perhaps you want more information on a hobby that you’re already engaged with or looking for something entirely new?

Bloggeries has the comprehensive hobby section you’ve been looking for.
Covering over 30 different topics, including scrapbooking, sewing, woodwork and even cooking, you’re sure to find some new inspiration.

HollysHobbiesCrafts – (Crafts)
If you’re a fan of sewing, knitting, crocheting or any type of related craft, this blog is a gold mine. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been crocheting for years or simply looking to give it a try for the first time, this blog is here to help.

Offering all the patterns you could ever need to keep you busy, this blog is full of advice and tips when it comes to techniques and getting the right tools for the job. In addition to that you’ll find an extensive range of video tutorials to help you master this art and Holly McNevan is by your side every step of the way.

Best Senior Health Blogs

Everyday Health – (Health/Well-Being)
The Senior Health section of Everyday Health is one of the most comprehensive dedicated senior health blogs online and provides you with a wide range of resources and information, regardless of what you want to know.

Whether you’re trying to look for accurate information on illnesses, conditions and symptoms or tips on how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle when it comes to exercise and diet, this is a blog that promises to answer all your questions.

My Senior Health Plan – (Health/Well-Being)
My Senior Health Plan is one of the most complete blogs that have been running and serving seniors for the last couple of years. During this time, the blog has uploaded and amassed several thousand blog posts that cover all areas of health and well-being.

Whether you’re looking for up-to-date health information, tips on how to look after yourself, your body or that of a loved one and even how to manage the stresses of senior life, you’ll find everything you need right here.