CAIRE, Inc. Portable Oxygen Concentrators Review


CAIRE, Inc (also known as CAIRE Medical) are a global company with facilities in the USA and Europe. They are the largest manufacturer of portable oxygen concentrators. How it works with CAIRE is that they sell through authorized dealers directly to consumers.

CAIRE, Inc background

As a dedicated leading global manufacturer of oxygen supply, CAIRE provide oxygen to all those in need. As well as encouraging and providing tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle, CAIRE provide top of the range oxygen devices.

There are three strands to CAIRE which they self-ascribe to. These are below:

  • Innovation – They provide the very best accredited services and are always looking for ways to improve their products and capability.
  • Technology – FAA airline approved devices allowing users to feel safe wherever they travel, not just at home.
  • Oxygen – A global manufacturer for more than 50 years. Their oxygen supply products are suitable for a whole range of consumers with differing requirements.


CAIRE are known for their innovation and this can be seen in three different ways through their oxygen therapies provided:

  • AutoSAT Technology – This allows the oxygen concentrators to change the oxygen output level according to your breath rate.
  • UltraSense – A sensitive pulse dose trigger which can detect the pressure of your breath.
  • Fixed Minute Volume – Another form of technology which matches the oxygen output to a person’s needs depending on the pressure of their breath.


As well as being the largest manufacturer of portable oxygen concentrators, it is known that CAIRE also provide for altitude clinics, space exploration labs and even the U.S. military.

Portable oxygen concentrators

As opposed to considering a stationary oxygen concentrator, by selecting a portable oxygen concentrator you can receive the benefits you require from your prescription in a mobile format. By choosing one of the lightweight devices available you can enjoy the benefits of the product wherever you go.


To acquire a CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator, it is mandatory that you have a prescription as devices delivering oxygen are regulated and require prescriptions.

The importance of your doctor

Your doctor will be essential to the process of you selecting which device you want and or need. Your decision will be directed from his prescription. The reason for this is because the devices may have different ways of delivering the oxygen you require, for example continuous and pulse. Your doctor will even specify to you how often you require to use your oxygen concentrator.

PayPal Credit

This is to help finance the purchase of your portable oxygen concentrators for a time period of up to 36 months. An enticing option offered by CAIRE, it allows you to avoid paying any interest charges if you can pay off the full balance within six months, providing the purchase is $99 or more.

This ability to buy now and pay later provides you flexibility when making a purchase of a CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator and unlike navigation of the site, it is easy to apply for it (you will also find out within seconds whether you have been approved). The application is just two questions:

  1. What is your date of birth?
  2. What is your social security number?

The financing programme offered by CAIRE comes with both Purchase Protection programs and PayPal Zero Fraud Liability.

Please note that if the full balance is not paid off within six months, choosing PayPal Credit may increase the total cost of your purchase as a result of interest on top of the original cost of the product.

Products available

With CAIRE, you are safe in the knowledge that you will be dealing with a monumentally successful brand in providing oxygen, however everyone still wants choices of product. CAIRE do not disappoint, providing a selection of portable oxygen concentrators. Within CAIRE, Inc there is also AirSep and SeQual who manufacture their own portable oxygen concentrators; however, they are not evaluated in this article. The following portable oxygen concentrators are evaluated:

Focus – $1,500

Perfect for travel, it is small and lightweight. It is both the smallest device offered by CAIRE, and it is the lightest portable oxygen concentrator on the market. You can easily wear it on your shoulder. Batteries with it are rechargeable and the life of the battery is three hours. It provides only pulse dose.

FreeStyle Comfort – $1,700

A lightweight curved design with up to four or eight hours battery life according to your selected battery pack. It can also change flow rates according to your prescription. The device has the power to adjust automatically according to your level of activity and breathing patterns. It also contains the autoDOSE feature which will deliver oxygen when your breathing is not detected. It comes with a three years manufacturer’s warranty.

FreeStyle 5 – $1,700

A slightly larger version of the FreeStyle Comfort yet it maintains all the same features whilst being lightweight and portable. The battery lasts for five hours and has a five pulse setting. It comes with UltraSense Technology.

Eclipse 5 – $3,200

This comes with the ability to treat your various needs according to your levels of activity. With the product providing freedom of travel and suitable for use 24/7, the device comes with both continuous flow and pulse dose. Depending on the oxygen received, battery life changes (two hours for continuous and five hours for pulse). If purchased directly, you can receive free additions such as a risk trial, shipping and warranty replacement. The device itself has wheels with it for ease of manoeuvring.


On the CAIRE website you will find that there is a huge variety of accessories available to your portable oxygen concentrators.

Reasons to choose CAIRE

CAIRE has many reasons why their portable oxygen concentrators are selected by consumers. Some of the reasons are below:

  • Their brand. Everyone knows who they are.
  • Their clients. If the U.S. military trust them then so should you.
  • No oxygen tanks required.
  • Innovative technology.
  • PayPal Credit.
  • Little maintenance required.
  • Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.
  • FAA approved.
  • They are quiet devices. They produce ‘white noise’ at a level of approximately 43 decibels. By comparison the average library has a level of 40 decibels.
  • Potential insurance coverage.

Reasons not to choose CAIRE

Just like any other business there are things which distinguish you from your competitors and CAIRE are no different. See below the negatives of working with CAIRE:

  • You must call up if you are to find local or regionally authorized dealers.
  • Dreadful website which is far too complicated. Once you get the hang of it, the information on it is very good, but that is if you last that long and have not already settled on choosing a different competitor.
  • Finding a price for the equipment is near enough impossible and the website is deceptive in making you run around the houses searching for prices that you will not be able to find.


With portable oxygen concentrators you find that at least part of the cost may be covered by private insurance plans. Medicare, Part B may cover oxygen concentrators, though this is under certain conditions and the Medicare Supplement Insurance plan may cover most of the bill. It is always strongly advised you check for certainty in your personal situation before moving forward.


CAIRE has industry recognition and certification from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). The ACHC are a not for profit organization who ensure industry providers are complying with the highest standards of practices and regulation. This means for you that CAIRE comply with rigorous processes and quality standards.


When selecting a portable oxygen concentrator, you are looking for a sleek and mobile device which will not be a hinderance on your freedom. CAIRE provide the answer to this through their portable oxygen concentrators and in addition have an enviable track record of supplying big name clients such as the U.S. military. As a global brand in the area of oxygen therapy, their cutting edge technology means you will always have access to the highest quality products.