Careington Dental Review (with Costs and Plan Details)

Founded in 1979, Careington International Corporation has greatly changed over the last four decades. Originally set up by two dentists, Careington has successfully grown throughout its existence. In 1985 they got licensed and approved by the Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) in Texas. Later, in 1996 they incorporated Careington International Corporation whilst also in the same year selling the DHMO to SafeGuard. Careington has since gone global, offering dental savings plans as well as access to networks, products and services in the United States and United Kingdom. More than 15 million members are provided more than 150 products and services across various sectors (health, wealth, personal finance and lifestyle).

Oral health in the USA

The requirement for dental savings plans to be on offer is evident from the state of oral health in the USA. When looking at statistics for oral health, it does not make good reading:

  • 47% of adults in the USA suffer from periodontal disease (‘Disparities in Oral Health’ by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • 70% of adults over 65 in the USA suffer from periodontal disease (‘Disparities in Oral Health’ by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • 74,000,000 citizens in the USA have no dental coverage (National Association of Dental Plans)

Why Careington?

It is often cited that the reason why people have no dental plan is because it is too expensive, therefore Careington has been able to see a gap in the market to provide a solution. Careington prides itself on providing dental savings plans which are affordable through their membership programs. Careington also allows for you to use their savings plan alongside your current dental insurance.

Careington looks to provide affordable solutions, that are simple, transparent and great value to all members. The dental plans offered by Careington are designed to benefit everyone, this includes individuals, their families, businesses and even unions.

Careington has a very strong reputation and history, both co-founding and being a member of:

  • Consumer Health Alliance (the national trade association for discount healthcare programs)
  • National Association of Dental Plans (resource for the dental benefits industry)

How does a Careington savings plan work?

Providing you live in an area of the USA where Careington can offer its dental savings plan (not Washington or Vermont), you can purchase one of the dental plans advertised and from then on, once you have scheduled your appointment, just show your membership card and you will have access to discounts. Careington provide their five-step plan for how you can make the most of their plans, which you can see below:

  1. Sign up for a money-saving plan (it should only take a few minutes).
  2. Search for a participating provider.
  3. Schedule your appointment.
  4. Show your membership card (this should arrive with you in seven to ten business days after signing up).
  5. Save money at the time of service.

Finding a provider

To make the process as easy as possible, Carrington has a provider search (three questions) which asks you to identify the type of provider you are looking for, followed by the type of dental treatment that you require and finally your geographical location.

What plans do Careington offer?

Careington offer a range of plans for you to consider which may be most suitable for you:

  • Careington 500 Dental Savings Plan (MOST POPULAR)
  • Careington Discount Dental Plan
  • Careington Dental & Vision Discount Plan
  • Careington Dental, Vision Plus Telemedicine Plan

The idea behind each product is that Careington will offer both great savings and excellent network access. What Careington are looking to provide are packages which can fill the needs of individuals, families and businesses. The plans on offer vary from a simple dental plan to a more detailed plan that includes for example, vision.

Careington 500 Dental Savings Plan

This plan offers large discounts on routine dental procedures (20% – 60%) and discounts on orthodontic services (20%). Procedures included are dental care, major dental work, cosmetic treatment and speciality treatment.

Payment PlanMember OnlyMember + SpouseMember + Family

Careington Discount Dental Plan

Providing members with larger discounts on routine dental procedures (5% – 60%), the Careington Discount Dental Plan has the largest dental provider network.

Payment PlanMember OnlyMember + SpouseMember + Family

Careington Dental & Vision Discount Plan

This plan combines two areas of coverage where those who purchase the plan can save. With this plan you receive the savings that are provided in the Careington Discount Dental Plan and Careington 500 Dental Savings Plan as well as further savings on vision care such as the WellVision Exam, retinal screening, lenses, laser correction and discount of up to 50% on LASIK surgery.

Payment PlanMember OnlyMember + SpouseMember + Family

Careington Dental, Vision Plus Telemedicine Plan

This plan is an extension of the Careington Dental & Vision Discount Plan. As well as the savings provided in that plan, this plan grants further savings on prescriptions as well as telephone access around the clock 24/7 to both nurses and licensed physicians. You also receive access to eDocAmerica for further health and wellness information.

Payment PlanMember OnlyMember + SpouseMember + Family

Additional costs with the plan and cancellation

All savings plans offered by Careington incur a one-time processing fee of $20 (non-refundable).

If you wish to cancel your plan within 30 days of setting up, you can do so receiving a full refund (minus the non-refundable processing fee). To do this, you must submit a cancellation either by post or online.

Careington also has the right to terminate the plan for any reason. If they do terminate the plan for any reason other than non-payment, you will be eligible for a pro-rata refund.

Careington Dental Q&A

How are Careington graded?

Courtesy of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Careington received an ‘A+’ rating.

Why might Careington be right for you?

As a provider of dental plans, looking to fill gaps that have appeared in the market, Careington makes sure to offer you several enticing reasons to join:

  • Nationwide access to providers
  • Large discounts and savings immediately available
  • Affordable rate both monthly and annually
  • Costs are clearly laid out for transparency through their published fee schedules
  • No limits on use
  • No exclusions or health restrictions
  • No lengthy forms to complete
  • Same-day activation of your plan
  • Diverse plans for individuals, families and larger groups
  • Vision and telemedicine plan available

Is a Careington dental plan right for students?

With Careington providing an affordable alternative to dental insurance, the dental plans on offer can fit any budget. The Careington Discount Dental Plan is a popular solution for students or anyone on a tight budget looking for an answer to their dental care woes.

What are the Limits of the Careington dental plans?

Although Careington is set up to benefit millions with their dental plans, it is not for everyone:

  • Your geography is important. It is not available to those located in either Vermont or Washington.
  • There is no live chat customer service.
  • Savings are dependent on several factors such as the location and service or product purchased.
  • The discounts with the plan cannot be used in conjunction with other discount plans.

Insurance or a health plan?

It is important to note that the plan offered by Carrington does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c.111M and 956 CMR 5.00. It is also not a Qualified Health Plan (under the Affordable Care Act) or Medicare prescription drug plan.


At Careington, their objective is to provide affordable dental plans for all. To do this, they offer several different plans with varying coverage and differing rates of affordability, with the most affordable starting at $8.95 a month. The plans themselves give eligible users access to dental savings in a time when the USA is letting itself down with very poor dental statistics for a country of its stature. Careington has successfully grown into a global company and its services are highly regarded (An ‘A+’ rating from the BBB).