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Since its inception in 1999, has aimed to provide an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance across the USA to over one million members. As a leading marketplace, at their tagline is ‘Join. Save. Smile.’. These words sum up what the company is trying to achieve. By coming on board with, you will be making savings and receiving a great service.

The USA is failing with dental care

Although the USA is a leading powerhouse throughout the world, it does not mean that everything there is perfect:

Why has thrived?

When joining you receive access to savings ranging from 10% – 60%. They possess a large network of over 100,000 providing dental services.

With more than 30 dental savings plans and a very accessible website, you can compare plans as well as making use of other website additions such as the savings calculator to work out how much you can save by using

As well as the website having resources online for further information, you can also contact their customer service team (AtYourService). caters for a large market by providing over 30 dental savings plans for individuals, families, businesses and groups.

They are very confident of their service at, so confident in fact that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Why consider a dental savings plan?

In return for an annual membership, you can access large savings and a large network of dentists. The plans on are offered by reputable brands such as Careington, Aetna and Cigna to name just a few. With so many plans available you can find one tailor made for you.

They are considered flexible, affordable alternatives to traditional dental insurance. Plans available are diverse, covering areas such as preventative care, restorative care, cosmetic treatments and specialist areas.

How do you sign up to

You go on the website and can either:

  • Use, Find a Plan, where you can make specific searches based on procedures, dentist and savings.
  • Or, enter your ZIP code and from there you will be provided a list of plans or participating dentists.

What is the payment structure like?

To sign up with, you are required to pay an annual fee. Once done, you will receive access to a network of dentists and savings. Your plan will be activated within 72 hours after it was set up.

You will still pay the dentist directly at your appointment, but now when doing so, you will be doing it at your new discounted rate.

Also, note than you pay a non-refundable enrolment fee of $20.

Breakdown of the plans on offer

With offering more than 30 savings plans, it is simpler to break it down into areas that the plans cover. You can find individual plans starting at $79.95 per year and for families starting prices are $129.95 per year. It is recommended that for businesses and larger groups that you should contact the company directly for a bespoke quote.

Dental Only

These plans offer savings on procedures across the USA, including cosmetic procedures and orthodontics. These saving range from 10% – 60%.


By including vision into your savings plans you can save money on essential services such as LASIK surgery, eye exams and lenses.


Included in your plans when you select hearing are both products (hearings aids) as well as screenings and testing.


When looking for the complete package, you often want to include savings on your prescriptions. Once you sign up to a plan that includes this, all you will need to do is show your discount card at a pharmacy at the time of purchase and you will be able to receive discounts.


If you are looking for a plan that includes telemedicine, then on you have three plans available. These plans allow you to connect via the phone or internet to healthcare professionals.

Chiro & Wellness

This section covers additional health and wellness benefits from chiropractic services to massage therapy.

Cost of plans by state

The starting price of plans vary from state to state. See below the table showing a selection of cities with excellent health care and the average cost for the plans.

City, StateIndividual
Annual Cost
Annual Cost
Minneapolis, MN20$63.96 – $143.9620$103.96 – $239.96
Madison, WI15$99.96 – $159.9615$143.96 – $239.96
Overland Park, KS19$63.96 – $159.9619$103.96 – $239.96
San Francisco, CA4$124.95 – $154.954$179.95 – $199.95
Scottsdale, AZ23$63.96 – $159.9623$103.96 – $239.96
Salt Lake City, UT18$63.96 – $143.9618$103.96 – $239.96
Orlando, FL21$63.96 – $159.9621$103.96 – $239.96
Lincoln, NE18$63.96 – $159.9618$103.96 – $239.96

Savings by plan

With so many plans available it can be difficult to see which may be suited for you. When looking below, you can compare the plan, the savings on offer and what areas are included:

PlanSavingsIncluded Discounts
Aetna Vital Dental Savings Plus Rx15% to 50%Pharmacy, vision, hearing
Affordable Family Health Services25% to 60%Pharmacy, vision, chiropractic
American Dental Plan10% to 60%Dental only
Aon Dental Solutions Plan15% to 50%Dental only
Avia Dental Plan20% to 70%Pharmacy and vision
Careington Care 500 Series20% to 60%Pharmacy and vision
CIGNAPlus Savings15% to 50%Vision, hearing, chiropractic,
tobacco cessation, massage therapy
and more
CVS iSave15% to 50%Pharmacy, vision, hearing,
prepaid diagnostic imaging,
labs and more
Dental Care Advantage20% to 60%Pharmacy, vision, hearing, chiropractic
:DP CompleteCare15% to 50%Online medical consultations,
Personal Health Advocate and more
:DP SmartHealth20% to 50%Pharmacy, vision, hearing, emergency
medical travel assistance and more

Is a dental plan better than dental insurance?

Although does not explicitly state whether to choose a dental savings plan, dental insurance or a combination of both, they do highlight benefits that you can receive from a dental savings plan which do not come with dental insurance. Advantages includes quick activation, no annual limits and no paperwork (not an exhaustive list).

Can you combine a dental savings plan?

Although you cannot use a dental savings plan and issue a claim for the same procedure, you can reap the benefits of both a dental savings plan and insurance. By doing so, you will likely save a sizable amount of money.

In addition, those who become a member with need to remember you cannot use two plans at the same time. However, you can purchase more than one plan if they are used at separate offices.

Finding a dental plan and Medicare

It is useful to note that a dental plan will not interfere with Medicare. The reason is that Medicare does not cover general health (fillings, dentures, and cleanings). However, Medicare Advantage does cover some routine dental services, so it is worth checking exactly what you are covered with before you consider proceeding with a plan.

Reasons may be right for you

If you are unsure on whether to get a plan through, have a look below at why many have:

  • Savings from 10% – 60%.
  • Instant plan comparisons which are simple to access.
  • Quick plan activation (within three business days).
  • Resourceful website for further information.
  • More than just a dental plan as you can access additional discounts in other areas (vision, hearing, prescriptions and chiropractic care).
  • No health restrictions.
  • Available for when you have a dental emergency.
  • There is no annual limit on how much discount you can get.
  • You can switch plans as your needs change.
  • No paperwork.
  • No waiting periods.
  • Reputable customer service team (AtYourService).
  • com price match if you can find a dental savings plan at a lower price elsewhere.
  • There is a ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme where you can earn additional free months on your dental savings plan.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • ‘Pays for Itself Guarantee’ is not for everyone

Although you may have found what seems to be the perfect plan and are considering moving forward with, do review the following as to ensure it is right for you:

  • com has no provider networks in South Dakota or Vermont.
  • It is worth checking exactly how many providers are in your area and whether they are part of the network.
  • Monthly plans are not offered, payment is only accepted in full for the annual membership.
  • Savings are dependent on location.
  • There is a $20 enrolment fee.
  • There is a $15 processing fee for refunds.

What is the ‘Pay for Itself Guarantee’?

At they are so confident of the savings that members will make, that they offer this guarantee. What it is, is if by the end of the year you have not saved enough based on your plan, then they will give you your money back (excluding the processing fee).

Note the disclaimer

Although no one enjoys the small print it must be acknowledged. The small print on confirms that these savings plans offered are not qualified health plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Conclusion is designed to help you find a great service whilst providing you access to great savings. You can find large savings across various procedures and there is no limit to the amount of