Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators Review


Despite being founded in 2001, Inogen have been providing portable oxygen concentrators since 2004. They are seeking to put control back into your hands as the consumer, as with their portable oxygen concentrators you no longer need to plan your week around oxygen tank deliveries and instead you can use small, lightweight travel-approved devices as and when necessary.

How Inogen work

To help provide their best service and great products to those who need it, Inogen has established five core values behind their company which are service, integrity, self-responsibility, continuous improvement and open communication.

Why are people so fond of portable oxygen concentrators?

As a revolutionary product in its field, they are ideal for any of us that require oxygen therapy, yet do not wish to be restricted by their condition and still want to lead an active life. As the oxygen from a portable oxygen concentrator comes directly from the atmosphere, it will not run out, thus why it is so effective as an on-the-go product.

Customers love the work that the devices do (they continuously purify air in the atmosphere and remove nitrogen) and the maintenance required for its upkeep (rechargeable batteries or use any DC or AC power source, no oxygen tank refills and only minor maintenance required). Other reasons why people love portable oxygen concentrators are:

  • Increased survival.
  • Keeps you more mentally alert.
  • Sleep improves.
  • Mood improves.
  • Stamina improves.
  • Freedom to travel.

Intelligent Delivery Technology

Having Intelligent Delivery Technology helps to ensure that oxygen is delivered effectively. It is innovative pulse dose technology that delivers oxygen within the first 400 milliseconds of inhalation. This is important as it is during this period that oxygen will have the largest effect on lung gas exchange. It is flexible as it can change the dose according to your breathing rate. This technology is found in the Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators.

How do I buy or rent the device?


Inogen consider this the quickest and easiest method of receiving your portable oxygen concentrator. You can purchase through their company website or alternatively over the phone or through an authorized reseller.


Even if you are covered through insurance you may choose to rent the equipment. There is a four step process for renting an Inogen device through insurance:

  1. Your rental eligibility will be checked with your insurance company or Medicare.
  2. If eligible, it is time to find the right product and complete the necessary attached paperwork with it.
  3. Receive the device.
  4. Return the relevant paperwork.

Inogen portable oxygen concentrators

People require portable oxygen concentrators for a variety of reasons and each person leads a different lifestyle. Inogen are at hand as instead of providing a one size fits all product, they have three different devices available to you. They are the Inogen One G3 System, G4 System and G5 System. You can find a breakdown and comparison of them below along with their cost on the Inogen website:

Inogen One G3 System – $2,295

  • Freedom Package 1 – $3,195
  • Freedom Package 2 – $3,195
  • Freedom Package 3 – $3,465

This product is competitive because of its dimensions. It is very quiet, along with being one of the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrators on the market. You have the freedom to charge it either at home or on-the-go. It has flow settings from 1 – 5.

Inogen One G4 System – $2,295

  • Freedom Package 1 – $3,195
  • Freedom Package 2 – $3,195
  • Freedom Package 3 – $3,465

A lightweight portable oxygen concentrator capable of delivering oxygen 24/7 whilst only weighing 2.8 pounds. When selecting this system, you also receive AC/DC power supplies, a user manual, a carry bag and a single rechargeable battery (which has a life of up to five hours). It is FAA approved and comes with three years warranty. This system has 1 – 3 flow settings. With this product, the Inogen Connect app is also included. The app helps you to monitor both your Inogen One G4 system and your oxygen.

Inogen One G5 System – $2,395

  • Freedom Package 1 – $3,295
  • Freedom Package 2 – $3,295
  • Freedom Package 3 – $3,565

The most recent model on offer. It is a powerful device with six different flow settings and providing your portable oxygen concentrator always has power, you will have access to infinite oxygen. It is still portable despite weighing 4.7 pounds. Similarly, to the G4 System, it comes with a carry bag, user manual and AC/DC power supplies. It is FAA approved and when the device is not purchased as a package, it comes with the standard three-year warranty.

 Inogen One System
Flow settings536
Weight (pounds)
Battery lifeUp to 10 hoursUp to 5 hoursUp to 13 hours
Does it meet FAA requirements?YesYesYes
Valid for 24/7 use?YesYesYes


At Inogen you can find a range of accessories to compliment your portable oxygen concentrators. The accessories vary according to which system you choose as do the prices as a rough outline is demonstrated below:

  • Inogen One G3 System accessories – from $13.30 to $346.50
  • Inogen One G4 System accessories – from $8.36 to $346.50
  • Inogen One G5 System accessories – from $14.70 to $346.50

Accessories include:

  • Power: AC power supply, DC cable
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries: Single, Double, External Charger
  • Filtration: Particle filter
  • Bags: Backpack or Carrying bag

Pros of choosing Inogen

  • The portable oxygen concentrators do not require tanks.
  • The devices are very quiet.
  • Devices are FAA approved.
  • Superb website. Everything you could need and want from it.
  • Devices work in varying geographical environments. As they put it, if the user of the portable oxygen concentrator can tolerate the environment then more than likely, the device will function with no issues.
  • On occasions where the device does become too hot or cold, an alert will be displayed on the device to warn you.
  • You are safe to use the device even if you have a pacemaker.
  • 30-day risk free trial (purchase only).
  • Three years warranty if you purchase just the portable oxygen concentrator, but if you choose a Freedom Package then you will receive a lifetime warranty.
  • You can purchase your device via their company website, through authorized resellers or over the phone.
  • The portable oxygen concentrators can also be rented.
  • Free shipping with each portable oxygen concentrator.

Cons of choosing Inogen

  • The portable oxygen concentrator cannot be used in conjunction with nebulizers, humidifiers, BiPAP, C-PAP or other similar devices.
  • Insurance may not cover a portable oxygen concentrator.

Stay safe when using a portable oxygen concentrator

As devices themselves, they are safe. However, as with all products there are always precautions you should adhere to, for example:

  • Avoid open flames (smoking, candles etc) during use due to flammability.
  • Remain alert around sources of heat and maintain a safe distance from them when using your portable oxygen concentrator.
  • Avoid petroleum based creams and lotions.
  • Start the car before charging or turning on the device.
  • Do not block outlets and inlets on the device.


As portable oxygen concentrators are classified as ‘durable medical equipment’ you may be able to seek coverage through insurance or Medicare. On their website, Inogen declare that the Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator “is covered by Medicare and many private insurance plans”. However, before proceeding, it is essential that you confirm the level of coverage, if any, that you may be able to receive.


Inogen has received an ‘A+’ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau as well as being certified by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.

They have also won numerous awards with their products such as the Medical Design Excellence Awards Gold Winner and Design of the Decade, to name just a few.


In conclusion, no matter what kind of oxygen therapy you require, Inogen has you covered courtesy of their selection of devices available to you and if you choose one of their Freedom Packages, then your devices will also come with a lifetime warranty. They have a fantastic website that is as good as the products themselves, so you can extract all the information you need before you decide to go ahead and purchase one of their devices. Remember that to either buy or rent a portable oxygen concentrator, you must have a valid prescription.