Kohler Walk-in Tubs Review


A global manufacturing business that has been providing excellence in bathing since 1883, Kohler has built a stellar reputation in the manufacturing sector. With their American made and designed walk-in tub which has safety and comfort in mind, Kohler look to ensure that you remain as pampered as you desire.

Bathroom safety

It is no surprise to anyone that the bathroom is one of the most accident prone rooms at home, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put a figure to this problem, reporting that 68% of injuries that do occur in the bathroom, happen as a result of bathing or the action of getting in or out of your bathtub or shower.

With this ‘gap’ in the market, where a solution is required, Kohler are looking to provide a safer option for you.

Walk-in tubs

A walk-in tub is usually the answer for those suffering from mobility problems, however, you may choose to select a walk-in shower if you are happy to stand whilst bathing. In addition, with a walk-in shower, they allow you to enter the shower without the need to lift your leg more than a few inches.

With a walk-in tub on the other hand, it is designed to bring more comfort to its user and does not require you to have the ability to stand whilst you bathe.

Kohler on walk-in tubs

When looking for a walk-in tub, you are looking for certain features and as Kohler put it, the opportunity for both a more independent living as well as a more comfortable one.

Whilst covering the largest requirement of importance, which is safety, Kohler are also looking to address the functionality and style behind walk-in tubs. They look to do this through powerful hydrotherapy and safety features.

Their walk-in bath is designed and assembled in the USA, in their facility in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the home of Kohler as that is where they began in 1873.

All of this has led to the Kohler Belay Walk-in Bath.


When it comes to jets in your bath, it is not about the number of jets you have, it is about the quality of them and their placement.

With Kohler you have access to ten jets which are two in front of the legs, two behind your calves and six relieving your back and spine. As well as this, their walk-in bath has 17 BubbleMassage air jets which can have their intensity adjusted.

The Kohler Belay Walk-in Bath

Features include:

  • The widest bath door opening available on the market and depending on your plumbing, the installation specialist will decide whether you need a left or right swinging door.
  • The bath has a watertight seal and an easy to turn handle.
  • A spacious interior and an “ergonomically friendly seat design” which is to help ensure that you can be relaxed whilst also having access to all controls regarding the bath. The seat is deep enough so that you can comfortably bathe in shoulder-height water.
  • A three inch step in. This is the lowest of any walk-in tub on the market.
  • The bath takes just minutes to fill and whilst you wait, you can activate the Bask (a heated surface feature), which will keep both neck and back surfaces warm for you whilst you wait.
  • Therapeutic whirlpool jets to help relieve stress points. This fantastic feature has adjustable intensity settings and are purposely placed where they are to provide the most therapeutic experience.
  • Adjustable handshower with three settings: gentle aerated spray, massage spray or wide coverage.
  • A drainage system four times faster than previous designs.
  • A handrail that is easy to grip to help aide you in getting both in and out of the bath.

As mentioned earlier, Kohler are looking to bring style with their walk-in bath, not just functionality. This can be seen through numerous features:

  • Bath colour – available colors are White or Biscuit.
  • Faucet finishes – you can choose either Polished Chrome or Vibrant Brushed.
  • LuxStone Bath Walls – select from up to 11 colors and patterns made from engineered stone material and designed to be durable.

When finding a price for your walk-in bath with Kohler, it is difficult to find. The reason for this is because it is variable. You are required to provide your choices for the walk-in bath in order to receive a custom quote.

Although, little maintenance is required if you purchase a Belay Walk-in Bath, be aware that Kohler state that it should be cleaned “differently”. Thankfully, on their website they have a page specifically designed to explain exactly how to care for and clean your walk-in bath.

Getting a quote

Managing to get a price for a Belay Walk-in Bath feels like a task, but when you speak to your Kohler Specialist, it can be a great time to take advantage of their expertise.

It is at that time that, you can ask any questions or requirements you have and if you are unsure what questions you should ask, Kohler have a discussion guide for you to use which contains numerous useful questions that may be of interest for you.

What has attracted consumers to Kohler?

There are many reasons for why consumers have used Kohler, from the business itself to the specifics of the walk-in tub that they offer. Below is a selection of reasons why they are an attractive prospect for where to get your walk-in tub from:

  • Th walk-in tub is designed to fit in your home no matter the shape of the bathroom or space available in it.
  • You can use their 3D model to help picture the experience of having a walk-in tub in your home.
  • The tub has both the widest bath door opening on the market for walk-in tubs and the lowest step in on the market for walk-in tubs.
  • The Bask to keep you warm whilst you wait for the bath to be ready.
  • Adjustable handshower.
  • Fast-drain technology.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • Numerous style options to fit your home.
  • Installing LuxStone Bath Walls will not extend the time taken for the renovation process.
  • Free, no obligation quote.
  • Kohler’s Price Promise which means the quote they provide is valid for one year from the day you received it.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Installation completed by a certified Kohler installation expert.

Cons of Kohler walk-in tubs

Kohler have an excellent reputation and walk-in tub available, but that does not mean it is suitable for everyone as you can see why below:

  • They describe that they cater “for people of all ages and abilities”, but it is not suitable for everyone with mobility issues, for example the walk-in tub is not wheelchair-accessible.
  • Finding out pricing is difficult.
  • Despite their claims about the speed of filling times and drainage times of your bath, it does strongly depend on your homes plumbing system.

Your old bathtub

Once your new Kohler Belay Walk-in Bath has been installed, your installer will take away your old bathtub and dispose of it for you.


Medicare does not usually cover the cost of a walk-in tub, but it may be worth checking your Medicare supplement insurance to see if you are eligible for any coverage. It is also useful to find out whether you qualify for any level of coverage through Medicaid.

Warranty and installation

What is great with Kohler is that they offer a lifetime limited warranty on their walk-in tub. Add to that, that the tub will be installed by a certified Kohler installation specialist and you have a great combo. The specialist can remove your previous tub and install your new Kohler tub, all within one day.

The warranty guarantees that your walk-in tub will not have any manufacturing defects if you own your own home. If, a manufacturing defect does occur, both repair and replacement are free. If a problem occurs, your local certified installer will be your main port of contact.

The warranty for the Belay Walk-in Bath only extends to those which have been installed in either the USA or Canada.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Kohler has an ‘A+’ rating from the BBB.


In conclusion, Kohler are covered in a rich history and on top of this, they provide the Belay Walk-in Bath which is a fantastic prospect for any user. It has sublime features which are designed to keep you safe, provide you a therapeutic bath and it comes with style options to fit your home. On top of the product being of the highest quality, Kohler provide the complete package, providing a certified specialist to install the walk-in tub and remove your old bath and their walk-in tub comes with a lifetime limited warranty.