LifeFone Review


Since it started in 1976, LifeFone has been providing medical alert systems for those who may require quick access to emergency services.

LifeFone looks to utilize the latest technology alongside what they describe as a ‘personal’ response. The personal response comes from the fact that LifeFone is a family-owned business and as LifeFone puts it, they “don’t have to answer to shareholders; we answer to you”.

AT&T network coverage

With LifeFone, they use the AT&T network for their products. The network works across most of the USA but may be limited in some areas of the USA where there is not a strong enough mobile network. As a result, LifeFone asks for your zip code as to help determine whether the AT&T coverage strength is good enough in your area.

Call Centers

LifeFone uses three call centers. All of them are US based. Their home office and call center is in White Plains, New York. If required, LifeFone has a back-up in Syracuse, New York and a back-up to that in Corona, California. The two back-up facilities are not owned by LifeFone, but to ensure the call centers maintain the highest standard, LifeFone works closely with them.

Unable to communicate

If you are unable to communicate with the call center after pressing the help button, the call center will first try to reach you on your home phone. If unsuccessful, they will follow your Emergency Care Instructions. In addition to this, the call center will also notify your personal contacts that you have listed in your Emergency Care Instructions.

Is LifeFone just for medical emergencies?

No. With LifeFone, the system protects you in any emergency, not just medical ones.

What If I Travel?

If you travel, you can still use the At-Home system, but you will need to update LifeFone each time you move the base unit. On-The-Go systems can be used freely without the requirement to update LifeFone.

Products offered

You can split the types of product offered by LifeFone in to two categories, At-Home and On-The-Go. All products have optional fall detection. The fall detection option comes with a waterproof necklace with a range of up to 1,300 feet from the base unit at just an additional $5 a month.


Designed to give you protection and independence in and around your home.

At-Home Landline

Starting at $24.95 a month

This system helps to give you independence and safety within your home. It works with your telephone landline and has a signal range of up to 1,300 feet with a 32-hour back-up battery.

At-Home Cellular

Starting at $30.95 a month

Like the landline option, At-Home Cellular helps give you safety and independence within your home, but instead of using a landline, it uses the AT&T cellular network. It has a signal range of up to 1,300 feet with a 32-hour back-up battery.


Products offered in this category are designed to support you and your lifestyles when on-the-go:

At-Home & On-The-Go GPS

Starting at $36.95 a month

This option allows for your system to work when either home or out and about. For the system to work, you do not need either a telephone landline or a cell phone.

At-Home & On-The-Go GPS, Voice In Necklace

Starting at $39.95 a month

Protecting you both home and away from home, this plan comes with a two-way voice pendant. The only equipment required to be carried is a lightweight necklace.

LifeFone’s recommendation on their products

When considering whether to select the pendant or the wristband, LifeFone actively recommends the pendant as it is accessible with both hands and required for fall detection. The wristband however is still a good choice if that is what you desire as it covers all types of service except fall detection.

The battery life of the wristband and pendant is on average from 2-5 years. When the charge of them goes below 20%, LifeFone will notify you and replace them for you at no cost.

Mobile apps

To protect you everywhere you go, LifeFone offers the following apps:

  • Mobile Alert (for individuals) – If you do not want to wear a mobile device, you can instead when in need push the button on your smartphone for the system to work.
  • Family Guard (for families) – This app gives control to caregivers and loved ones. It provides them peace of mind through the ability to track and monitor your activity and well-being.

Fire, smoke and CO system

Starting at $42.95 a month

This complete home package has all the benefits of a LifeFone medical alert system as well as monitoring for fire, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Caregiver tools

To help you with routinely important aspects of your daily living. Additional care tools include activity assurance, daily check-in call, medication reminders and a location service.


When selecting a medical alert system with LifeFone, you can tailor make your experience by adding accessories which you may feel will improve your experience. Some of these are:

  • Wall mount master lock box – $39.95
  • Hanging master lock box – $39.95
  • LifeFone hanging lock box – $29.95
  • Wall-mounted help button – $39.95
  • Beaded lanyard – $21.95
  • Vanity pendant – $95.00
  • Leather carrying case for mobile (On-The-Go only) – $18.95
  • Mobile device car charger (On-The-Go only) – $19.95
  • Mobile device charging cradle (On-The-Go only) – $39.95

Should I select LifeFone?

LifeFone is attractive with both how the company and service works, to the products that are offered. Below you will find some of the reasons why other consumers have decided to use LifeFone for their medical alert services.

  • No equipment fees and easy installation.
  • Equipment has a lifetime warranty.
  • Pendant and wristband are waterproof. The Voice-in-Pendant has a two-way speaker that is water resistant, but it is not recommended to be submerged in water.
  • Equipment range of up to 1,300 feet.
  • Mobile apps to better your experience.
  • Fire, smoke and CO system.
  • Caregiver tools.
  • Optional billing plans so you can decide what works best for you.
  • LifeFone Protection Plan.
  • No activation fees.
  • Fall detection option available to add on with plans.
  • 24/7 professional care assistance from numerous call centers, all of which are in the USA.
  • Spouses are protected for free.
  • Potentially covered by Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Emergency care profile available so in the event of an accident, family, close friends and loved ones can be connected.
  • Price fix guarantee. It will not change for the entirety of your time with LifeFone.
  • Refer a friend program.
  • No contract required and the service contract is set up so that you may cancel it at any time without facing penalties for your decision. Bear in mind that this is not the case for fire, smoke and CO protection.
  • 30-day risk free trial where if unsatisfied with LifeFone, you have a money back guarantee.

Be wary of LifeFone

Although LifeFone brings many positives for why you may choose to use them as your medical alert system provider. There are some things to consider before jumping in and signing up with LifeFone:

  • Check the coverage in your area. This is because LifeFone use AT&T for their wireless unit service and the level of service received from it can vary from area to area.
  • The voice-in-necklace is not waterproof, it is water resistant.
  • Fire, smoke and CO protection requires a one-year commitment.

Referral Program

At LifeFone they have a referral program in that when you refer a customer, you are entitled to receive a free month of service. The new customer in which you have referred is also entitled to a free month of service. One of the great things about the LifeFone referral program is that there is no limit to the number of people in which you can refer.

Warranty and the Protection Plan

All equipment with LifeFone has a lifetime warranty for ‘normal wear and tear’. Battery replacements come at no cost to you as the holder of the medical alert system plan.

In addition, LifeFone has a Protection Plan which is to help provide equipment replacement at no cost in the event of the equipment being damaged, lost or stolen. The Protection Plan covers the replacement of one base unit and up to two help buttons in a 12-month period. This plan is offered for just $5 a month.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicaid covers LifeFone in many states as well as many Medicare advantage programs also covering LifeFone. It is always advisable to check the level of coverage that you may be entitled to.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

LifeFone has an ‘A+’ rating with the BBB.


In conclusion, LifeFone provides security and independence to all its medical alert system users. With excellent response times and a personalized plan, you can ensure you will receive the service you want in an emergency.