LifeStation Review


LifeStation have established a strong reputation since their inception in 1977 for providing medical alert systems at affordable prices. Their systems allow you to get medical attention without having to find and dial a phone.

LifeStation looks to provide a high-quality service to their customers, for example, their care specialists are TMA Five Diamond certified. The service they provide is across the USA and Canada.

Product simplicity

As with all the products offered by LifeStation, the key to their service is simplicity. You will see how simple it is when using LifeStation right away as on average, set-up takes as little as five minutes.

Once you decide to sign-up to a plan, you should receive your system quickly after that.

The systems provided by LifeStation allow you to live independently whilst in the knowledge you have a safety net if an unfortunate event does occur.

How do the products work?

Once the medical alert systems are active and live, all that is required on your part is, when you need help or assistance, you simply press the help button which is linked to the LifeStation monitoring center. From there, the monitoring center can contact the emergency services if necessary or alternatively the associated caregiver.

Differently, with the fall detection product, the alert system behind it reacts upon the holder of the product falling.

The alert systems with LifeStation create a phone call between the holder of the system and the call center when activated.

If you are looking for an option for both yourself and a partner, you simply pay the normal fee plus an additional $3.99 a month for an extra help button.

Product choices

The following products are available when considering a LifeStation system:

  • Wristband – It is an unnoticeable piece of attire easy to use in an emergency.
  • Pendant – If you require the fall detection feature with your LifeStation plan, then the pendant is required.
  • Lock box – This has a keypad which allows the emergency services or caregiver to enter your home with a house key as opposed to having to damage your property to access it.
  • Wall mount with additional buttons – These buttons are designed to aid users in the call for help when required.
  • Bathroom and Hallway buttons – There to provide easy access in the case of emergency.

Call centers

With the service provided by LifeStation, the call centers that they run must work successfully and efficiently as it is essential to their operation. LifeStation own two Underwriter Laboratories (UL) US-based call centers.

Being a UL call center, it means that their services should be operational even in the event of power outages. The call centers also must meet UL’s strict maintenance standards.

In addition, a relief to all those that have been the victim of appalling call centers before, both call centers are staffed only by human representatives, and not machines.

Find My Loved One

If you have a loved one who may be concerned about your whereabouts, this feature allows them to text a designated number, and they will receive a response providing your location.

If the emergency services are required

If you require assistance from the emergency services or a caregiver, a Care Specialist will be there with you throughout the process on the line until the help you need arrives.

Plans offered

With LifeStation, you can select between three different plans, they are the In Home Traditional, the In Home Plus and Mobile with GPS. As advertised on the LifeStation website, plans start from $19.95 per month, no matter whether you decide to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

In Home Traditional

This introduction package is the most affordable option that LifeStation offer. It is suitable for those who have a landline telephone.

In Home Plus

If you do not have a landline telephone, then this option is more suitable for you. Instead of having to use a landline, the Home Plus package uses its own cellular connection (you are not required to provide your own cellular plan) for calls to the monitoring center.

The battery life of the systems for both the In Home Traditional and In Home Plus plans should last the entirety of the time it is used.

Mobile with GPS

This option is like the In Home Plus system but instead it is powered by its own rechargeable battery. As a result, this option does not require a base station to function and instead, it means you can travel with the product.

The battery life lasts up to five days between charges.

Fall Detection

This option is an add-on available to all plans. If a user falls, the device activates. You will need to use the pendant for the device to work and it is an available add on.

However, even if you do fall, it is always recommended that you still push the button if you require help as the product does not detect 100% of falls. But you can be safe in the knowledge of receiving help as the medical alert equipment has enhanced speaker and voice capabilities to help you communicate.

How the costs work?

As opposed to owning the medical alert systems outright, you are instead renting the products. You do not need to worry about whether the plans are based on variable pricing structures, as the monthly price is in a guarantee lock meaning it will not alter in the future.

Unable to talk after activating the help button

If the user is unable to speak after activating the help button, a pre-defined action plan will be triggered. This plan will be developed with help from LifeStation. An example of protocol in this situation is that a loved one or neighbour will be contacted and in an extreme scenario, the emergency services will be notified.

The base unit is an essential piece of equipment

The base unit is an essential piece of equipment as neither the pendant nor the bracelet can accommodate voice-to-voice contact. As a result, you must be close to the base unit to communicate. Thankfully the unit is loud enough to hear in nearby rooms and their microphones can pick up sound from a reasonable distance.

Worst case scenario, the pre-defined action plan will be initiated if nothing can be heard.

Reasons for using LifeStation as your medical alert provider

Apart from the fact that LifeStation has earned a fantastic reputation, their products and services also have many benefits attached to them:

  • Excellent value for service and products.
  • Easy installation.
  • No required long-term commitment.
  • Freedom with billing options.
  • Get started with a plan costing less than $1 a day.
  • Fast response time of just 20 seconds on average.
  • Care specialists remain on the line to you whilst you wait for help to arrive.
  • LifeStation carry out system testing to ensure high standards.
  • If products become defective or stop working, LifeStation will deliver you a replacement.
  • Their assurance plan is like having insurance in that if the equipment is damaged, you are not required to pay for the full cost of the system.
  • Additional products are available to make your life with LifeStation even easier.
  • The only agreement required is the service agreement for the rental of the equipment.
  • It is easy to fix a mistake if you press the help button by accident.
  • Both the wristband and pendant are waterproof.
  • In the event of power loss, the built-in battery provides up to 32 hours of power.
  • No deposit and you are entitled to free shipping.
  • Referral Appreciation Program.
  • No termination fee but you must provide 30 days’ notice.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Drawbacks with LifeStation

Although what LifeStation offers is both simple and yet diverse, there are points to consider before deciding to enrol in to one of their medical alert system plans:

  • You get the feeling that every piece of equipment or add on is another way to charge you as they all are available but come at an additional cost, for example the lock box ($2.99 a month), additional user ($3.99 a month) and bathroom and hallway button ($3.49 a month).
  • Range of the products use is limited.
  • No smoke, fire or carbon monoxide detection.
  • Fall detection not 100% effective.
  • You are unable to integrate LifeStation with third-party systems.

Money back guarantee

Although you have to return the equipment provided with the plans on offer, if you do decide to cancel your plan within 30 days, there are no fees to return the device and you will receive a full refund, but you are not covered for shipping.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

LifeStation has an ‘A+’ BBB rating.


At LifeStation, their plans are simple and yet cater for all who are interested in a medical alert system. If you need a simple and affordable home-based system with a lack of functionality, then the two In Home plans will work well for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more mobile medical alert system then the Mobile with GPS plan is the right choice for you.