Medical Guardian Review


Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Medical Guardian provide medical alert systems that cover all fifty states as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. The operators at Medical Guardian speak English and Spanish and if you require another language, you are catered for by using a third-party translation system. This wide coverage of service allows Medical Guardian to provide more than 200,000 customers.

At Medical Guardian, they provide medical alert systems which cater for varying lifestyles, from those of us that are more homebound to those who lead a more active lifestyle.

Demand continues to grow because of an aging population

It is a common problem for developed countries. With an aging population, more people require care.

As we grow older and become more physically restricted, we are more prone to accidents, for example there are two million incidents of bone fractures due to aging alone a year. In fact, the number one cause of serious injuries to seniors according to Medical Guardian is falling, with over 800,000 leading to hospitalization and 27,000 leading to death.

With 50% of people aged over 75 falling at home and 80% of falls occurring in the bathroom, Medical Guardian understands the need to provide waterproof technology.

How Medical Guardian operates

Medical Guardian empowers customers to live with more confidence through their high-quality products providing them safety.

As self-described by Medical Guardian, they work with five core values which they consider to be the reasons behind their success:

  • Customers above all else – Every action taken, is taken with the benefit of their customers in mind.
  • Innovation – Constantly looking to improve their technology, products and services.
  • Passion – They care about the service they provide.
  • Building meaningful relationships – Looking to create bonds with lifelong customers.
  • Results – High quality results for satisfied customers.

How it works

In line with the description from Medical Guardian, when you need assistance in an emergency, there is a three-step process as outlined below:

  1. Press your medical alert button.
  2. Connect with the monitoring center and explain your current situation and or problem.
  3. Receive immediate assistance.

Products Medical Guardian offer

With Medical Guardian you can find various products to suit your needs and lifestyles, these vary from In-Home Products to On-The-Go-Products. The options available allow for you to include add-ons. You can sign up to monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual plans.

In-Home Products

Under this category are medical alert devices for your home.

Classic | Lowest cost

Starting at $0.97 a day

Designed to be a cost-effective option to keep you safe in and around your home. You connect the base station to your landline and then wear the wearable device which has a range of up to 1,300 feet away from the base station.

Home | Best value

Starting at $1.12 a day

A home-based system that does not require a landline, instead using a nationwide cellular network. Accessories work up to 600 feet away from the base station.

Family | Most advanced

Starting at $2.58 a day

This package uses three in-home safety sensors allowing loved ones to stay updated on your heath. This also includes the Family Guardian app. Range for the alert help button is up to 1,300 feet from the base station.

On-The-Go Products

The products featured here are perfect for handling an active lifestyle, making sure that your safety is ensured, wherever you decide to go.

Active | Most popular

Starting at $1.28 a day

The all-in-one system comes with a device that has the longest battery life of any system they offer and is equipped with fall alert technology. It is a portable device.

Mobile | GPS enabled

Starting at $1.61 a day

With built in GPS technology, you can stay protected when home or out and about.

Freedom | New

Starting at $1.45 a day plus a one-time equipment cost of $99

Simple lightweight touchscreen device which allows you to keep track of your health. It pairs with the Freedom Guardian mobile app.

Their monitoring teams

To provide the highest service, Medical Guardian uses a US-based monitoring center to ensure high standards are provided. Their translation system caters for languages other than English and Spanish if required. This coverage is available across all 50 states.

The monitoring team is trained to provide you the right kind of help, whether it be emergency or non-emergency services. When accessing your file with Medical Guardian they have access to your Care Circle so they can contact friends or family as well as to help you in the way you require and desire.

In the event of a power outage, there is no effect against the monitoring team at Medical Guardian. Their state-of-the-art technology and triple-redundant backup system means that even if there are power outages, you can still get in contact with the monitoring team as it is able to run off its own sustainable power, even in severe weather situations for example.

Care Circle

As mentioned earlier, the Care Circle is on your file so that family and friends can be contacted as required. The accessory to your plan is very in-depth and detailed as it allows you to select up to four emergency contacts. Within those contacts you can have up to three numbers for each of them.

Why you should choose Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian has numerous parts to it which are attractive and there are reasons for why you may choose their service. A selection of these reasons is below:

  • Medical alert systems that can cater for all lifestyles.
  • All medical alert systems are waterproof.
  • Various accessories including additional medical alert buttons, fall-alert pendant, wall-mounted button, voice-activated wall button and lock box.
  • Long battery life.
  • Fall detection available.
  • Strong signal range for home-based units.
  • Various billing options which include added incentives with them.
  • Costs are transparent.
  • Free activation.
  • Care Circle in your plan.
  • The Medical Guardian systems still work, even if you are unable to speak.
  • All products come with AT&T network connectivity.
  • 24/7 US-based monitoring.
  • No contracts.
  • Free equipment.
  • Excellent accreditations.
  • Medical Guardian have a Protection Plan in place.
  • Refer-a-Friend program.

Why Medical Guardian may not be the right provider for you

As with all providers you receive the good and bad. In the following you can find reasons which may dissuade you away from Medical Guardian:

  • Fall detection does not detect 100% of falls. It is still recommended you press the button in the event of a fall for accuracy.
  • Service cost is not covered by Medicare.


The cost of the medical alert device is not covered by Standard Medicare. However, it may be worth noting that you should look over your Medicare Advantage plans (if you have one), as they may cover or possibly reimburse you for the costs that are associated with the device.

Protection Plan

At Medical Guardian, they have a Protection Plan which is available to customers as to ensure that they do not end up out of pocket in the event of devices being lost, damaged or stolen.


As you are not tied into any contract with Medical Guardian, you are able to cancel your service with them at any time. Upon doing so you will receive a pro-rata refund. The refund will be calculated in accordance with the day in which you have returned your Medical Guardian equipment.


Medical Guardian has an ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, Medical Guardian has these accreditations:

  • Underwriters Laboratory – for continued dedication to safety and reliability.
  • The Electronic Security Association – for commitment to providing the highest standard of emergency services.
  • Factory Mutual Approval – for ensuring that their emergency dispatch services are meeting required standards.
  • TMA Five Star Certification – for having operators that have received a high level of intensive training.


In conclusion, although no medical alert system including everything that is offered by Medical Guardian can prevent a fall from occurring, the products they provide and the ease of which you can use them along with the monitoring center at hand mean you are able to limit the effects of when a fall does occur. Added to that, you can find a suitable medical alert system no matter your lifestyle at an affordable price with easy installation.