MobileHelp Review


Originating in 2008 in Boca Raton, Florida, MobileHelp is a medical alert system provider for the whole of the USA. Their system alerts necessary parties when the holder requires medical attention. The GPS technology it uses means that MobileHelp can provide real-time monitoring services and location tracking.

The technology that MobileHelp provides is essential to seniors, as MobileHelp themselves describe that one third of seniors fall each year and more than 45% of those falls occur outside of their home.

MobileHelp provides protection for seniors from start to finish as well as also providing equipment.

How using MobileHelp works?

MobileHelp strives to be simple and straightforward in the services it provides and the products it has on offer. Once you sign up, you should receive the equipment within a week and installation is both simple and something you are able to do yourself.

It is as simple as plugging in the electrical cord. All that is required after is to test the system by holding the test button on the base station until it turns green and then follow the commands on the base station to complete setup.

Once set up, you will wear either the wristband or pendant (both are waterproof) of which both are connected as to alert MobileHelp if you either fall or decide to manually press the distress button. The wristband and pendant are both very durable and should last you at least five years if treated correctly.

Although the pendant, fall button and wristband are all waterproof, this means it is fine to wear the equipment when bathing, but it is not recommended to be worn for long periods of time underwater, such as in the ocean or a swimming pool. The wall buttons, mobile device and base station are not waterproof.

If you lose power at your residence, do not panic as the accessories run on battery power. You should charge equipment every day to be safe. The base station itself should last at least 30 hours on just its battery.

Customer Service

The customer service team works in partnership with Rapid Response and they are available to you 24 hours a day and have the enviable reputation in their industry for successfully responding to issues in 17 seconds on average.

Rapid Response are a highly qualified team who are knowledgeable about both home security and the medical industry. They are certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

In addition to that, MobileHelp also have a live chat on their website to help assist you with any questions or problems you may have.

Products Offered

When selecting a plan from MobileHelp, you are not required to purchase or even rent the equipment that comes with each individual plan. You pay for just the plan itself. Although, as with all plans, you can add accessories such as fall detection for an additional $10 per month.

At MobileHelp you can divide the products available in to three categories, In Home, Complete Protection and On The Go.

In Home

MobileHelp Classic

Recognised as the most affordable option from MobileHelp and the traditional form of medical alert system. For those not requiring mobile GPS coverage, this is a suitable choice for those who require the system to be home based. It comes with one help button.

MobileHelp Wired Home

A landline based medical alert system with coverage of up to 1,300ft.

Complete Protection

MobileHelp Duo

The most comprehensive system offered, it is a combination of the MobileHelp Classic and MobileHelp Solo packages. You will have the security both when home and away as you have use of both the home network and mobile GPS. The mobility offered with this system is a great advantage and does not require a landline.

Mobile Duo

Receive two buttons with this medical alert system. Perfect for you and your partner.

On The Go

MobileHelp Smart

A smartwatch built by Samsung that at the touch of the button can become a medical alert system. It monitors both your activity and heart rate meaning you can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. With the watch you can choose to look over the weather forecasts or instead look at summaries of your activity progress. Its battery can last up to two days on a single charge. This durable watch has a stainless steel bezel and gorilla glass.

MobileHelp Solo

Even if you do not have a landline, this option can protect you whether you are at home or out and about on the move. It includes a portable mobile GPS device for communication.

An innovative alert system perfect for those who do not have a home telephone line.

Frequency of PaymentMobileHelp ClassicMobileHelp Wired HomeMobileHelp DuoMobile DuoMobileHelp SmartMobileHelp Solo
One-time feen/an/an/an/a$349.95n/a
Monthly (12 payments per year)$19.95$24.95$41.95$44.95n/a$37.95
Quarterly (4 payments per year)$98.85$74.85$119.85$128.85n/a$104.85
Bi-annually (2 payments per year)$179.70$137.70$221.70$239.70n/a$197.70
Annually (1 payment per year)$359.40$275.40$443.40$479.40n/a$395.40

Additional accessories

As well as the main plans offered by MobileHelp, there are also other accessories you can get your hands on to enhance your experience further. These include both the fall button (this can automatically send an alarm even if you are unable to press the button) and wall mount buttons. But, be aware that these additional accessories are not free and do come at their own additional individual costs.

Benefits of using MobileHelp

MobileHelp is an excellent provider that has numerous benefits, of which a selection is laid out below:

  • Various products, pricing and payment options to suit all needs.
  • If you are happy to commit to longer-term plans, you can receive discounts for the services offered.
  • No long-term contract required.
  • If products malfunction, MobileHelp will send a replacement.
  • Excellent website that is clear, simple and easy to navigate.
  • Website has a brilliant live chat facility.
  • No landline required as the equipment works off a cellular service.
  • MobileHelp Connect system for loved ones and caregivers.
  • Partnered with Rapid Response.
  • Fall detection.
  • You can track your levels of activity.
  • You can set your system to give you medication reminders for an additional cost.
  • Free lockbox with every system ordered.
  • Support for over 240 languages through LanguageLine.
  • Refer a Friend scheme which comes with a meaningful bonus.
  • Free shipping.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Negatives with MobileHelp

Despite there being a selection of systems available with various accessories that can suit your needs, there are considerations to understand before signing up:

  • MobileHelp offer great accessories but they may cost you money, for example for fall detection.
  • If you lose or damage the equipment, you are liable for it.
  • The AT&T wireless network that MobileHelp uses is limited and may not work everywhere. It provides coverage to 97% of the USA, so check that you fall within the areas that they cover.
  • The MobileHelp Smart requires an upfront payment.

MobileHelp Connect Premium

This is an additional option available to users of the system. For a monthly fee, customers can replace equipment when necessary at a low-cost deductible as opposed to regular equipment costs. This may be especially useful to the clumsier of us, as you are responsible if equipment is either lost or damaged.

MobileHelp Connect

This is an online tracking platform that is for caregivers and loved ones to be able to track and ensure that you, the user is safe. Amongst the features available are location detection requests, non-emergency alerts, system status alerts and emergency alerts.

MobileHelp’s credentials

MobileHelp has an ‘A+’ rating from the Better Business Bureau as well as their systems complying with 21CFR 820 of the FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice.


When selecting a medical alert system, you will always consider the reputation of the provider as it is very important, literally a case of life and death. With MobileHelp you can receive high quality medical alert systems that are reliable and can suit any lifestyle that you lead. With flexibility to plans and an excellent website that is incredibly easy to navigate, you will have no problem finding and selecting the right plan for yourself.