Nectar Sleep Review


With a tag line of ‘great sleep should be accessible to everyone’, it does not take a genius to realize the strategy of Nectar Sleep, but in short it is to provide value for money and affordable prices to all, so that they can access their luxury adjustable bed and mattress collection.

The framework

Behind Nectar Sleep is the spine of how it runs and why it is so successful today. As you will be able to see on their website, they divide it in three sections as seen below:

  • Affordable comfort – Everyone should be able to have access to the reality and quality of obtaining their best night’s sleep possible. As they describe further, we spend one third of our lives sleeping.
  • Premium materials – Nectar Sleep work with the best production facilities around the world to ensure they source the best high-quality materials for use of their products. In addition, the factories where production occurs must adhere to incredibly strict quality and production protocols via international regulations and materials are tested and re-tested numerous times throughout the production process.
  • Competitive prices – Whereas with other competitors you may find that there is a large mark up on their products, with Nectar Sleep they prefer to focus on competitive pricing whilst providing the highest quality of products out there.

When developing this framework for how they operate, Nectar Sleep cite you as the consumers as their inspirations for providing premium standard goods and mention the fact that they have satisfied over 750,000 consumers since 2017.

White Glove Service

This a specialized service to ease you of the burden of heavy lifting. Instead, what they can do is deliver your new Nectar Sleep bed and remove your old bed frame.

The cost of the service is $149, and for that you will have your new bed delivered, set up and your previous bed removed. This $149 however only covers the mattress. Other products, such as the frame or headboard will cost you an additional $45 for each item. For that additional price, it does include, delivery and set up. Any items ordered that do not require set up are delivered free of any additional charges.

The White Glove Service is a simple process as can be seen below:

  1. Place your order and at checkout select “White Glove Setup & Removal”.
  2. Local White Glove Providers are located.
  3. The order is then shipped to a White Glove Provider.
  4. Once the items order has been confirmed as delivered to the White Glove Provider, the White Glove Provider will then contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. In normal circumstances, they reach out to you within 1-2 business days, but the scheduled delivery can be selected dependent on your availability.

Note, that by initiating the White Glove process you are extending the time for implementation completion by at least another 1-2 business days. Depending on your availability, it may be longer than this. The White Glove provider will receive the order in 2-5 business days (the time frame quoted to customers if delivered directly).

In the event of a refund, although you may be able to receive a full refund on your mattress, you will not be able to receive a refund from the White Glove Service as that is non-refundable. The only event in which you may receive a refund on the White Glove Service is if the products remain unopened during the specified completed returns period, for example within 50 days for a mattress.

The adjustable bed

With a whole load of reviews that you can access on their site, you will find clear descriptions and prices for the adjustable bed you are looking for. A list of some of the features that are included with their adjustable bed are:

  • Head and feet both able to elevate.
  • Massage Setting and Zero Gravity (this is for relief of pressure on your back whilst improving circulation. It is ‘NASA proven’) setting.
  • TV recline setting.
  • Programmable memory settings.
  • Two USB plugs for easy charging.
  • Wireless remote.
  • Three zone massage which consists of each session being 15 minutes of relaxation.
  • Fastest set up in the industry.

When selecting the right adjustable bed for you, it is of course essential that you select the bed with right dimensions, the dimensions for each bed can be found below:

Bed TypeDimensions
TWIN XL39in x 80in x 15in
FULL54in x 75in x 15in
QUEEN60in x 80in x 15in
SPLIT KING78in x 80in x 15in

Below you will see a table of the costs (costs come from the Nectar Sleep official website) associated with each type of adjustable bed:

Bed TypeFrameMattressMattress ProtectorsLuxury Bed Sheet SetWeighted BlanketTotal Cost
TWIN XL$649$569$79$109$169$1,575
SPLIT KING$1,298$1,138$158$109$169$2,872

Reasons to select an adjustable bed from Nectar Sleep

With Nectar Sleep you can gain access to numerous benefits if you decide to purchase your adjustable bed from them. Below is a selection of reasons for why so many customers already have:

  • White Glove Service.
  • Easy mattress set up.
  • Free shipping and returns in the USA.
  • Adjustable bed 50-day full refund.
  • One-year risk-free mattress trial.
  • Forever warranty.

Reasons not to select an adjustable bed from Nectar Sleep

Although there is so much to like about Nectar Sleep and their adjustable beds, you may find that using Nectar Sleep is not the right choice. Below are reasons why this may be the case in your personal situation:

  • Insufficient information on the ‘KING’ bed.
  • White Glove Service costs.
  • White Glove Service delivery times.
  • Varying levels of warranty.

Finance with Nectar Sleep

You can apply for finance via Affirm on the Nectar Sleep website. Once the application is made, you will be subject to a soft credit check (a credit check that has no impact on your credit score), however, if successful you may be able to gain finance with interest rates starting at 0%.

Be aware though, that even in the event of selecting and being successful with a finance option, you may still be required to put down a down payment as to be eligible for the financing option available.

Returning an adjustable bed frame

Nectar Sleep are very confident that you will love their adjustable frames, however if you are not satisfied and do want to return the adjustable frame, then you can. If you do this within 50 days of your purchase, then you can receive a full refund. In their words, Nectar Sleep consider it a risk-free purchase.


With Nectar Sleep you can gain access to varying levels of warranty according to the product in question.

Adjustable bed frames for example have a three-year warranty and within its warranty it covers electronics, electrical components, drive motors and massage motors amongst others. Nectar will send replacement parts at no cost for defective parts.

On the other hand, the mattress from Nectar Sleep has a Forever Warranty and this warranty covers defects from regular use. In fact, Nectar Sleep provide the recommendation that you use a mattress cover on your bed, where of course, one of the benefits of that will be reducing the likelihood of damage against the mattress itself.

As with any important documentation, it is both recommended and essential that you fully read and the understand the terms and conditions regarding warranty.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Nectar Sleep has managed to obtain an ‘A-‘ rating from the BBB.


In conclusion, with Nectar Sleep you get a real positive aura from the company throughout the whole experience, from the ease of use of their website to the products they have on offer for you. With their slogan they are clearly looking to cater for all, and you really get the feeling that they are one of the few companies that succeed in doing this. A great company with fantastic reviews and a solid reputation, Nectar Sleep will always be a good choice for users looking for an adjustable bed.