Philips Lifeline Review


Philips Lifeline works to help seniors live safely with independence and confidence. Their service is a well-known success, as it currently holds the title of having the largest number of subscribers (currently over seven and a half million people).

They have the prestigious recognition of being the first company in North America to offer a medical alert system.

How it works

At the touch of a button, with a medical alert system, you can connect to one of their trained representatives. It may also connect courtesy of fall detection, providing the fall itself is detected (please note, that fall detection is not 100% accurate, thus in the event of a fall, it is recommended you still push the emergency button).

On contact with you, after assessing the situation and based on your personalized plan that you set up with Philips Lifeline, the representative will contact your loved ones or emergency services as necessary.

When providing a loved one’s details to Philips Lifeline, they recommend that the loved one lives close by (within ten minutes), has access to your property and can be available at any time if required.

The response team will even follow up with you to make sure that help has arrived as needed.

Response Center

Philips Lifeline has response centers across the USA and Canada. They are open all day every day and have an enviable response time of 21 seconds on average.

Not able to speak English? That is not a problem as the operators are multilingual, so you can be assured that you will receive the service you have signed up for when you need it most.

If the response centers controlled by Philips Lifeline lose power, it is not an issue as they have backup systems in place to ensure that they fulfil their advertisement of providing accessible response centers 24/7, 365 days a year.

You suffer from a chronic condition

In the unfortunate event of having a chronic condition, you may be thinking is this the right option for you and will it be suitable, especially as Philips Lifeline describe that those with chronic conditions require emergency transport more often than healthier people, calculating it at 54% more often.

Well, you need not worry anymore. Philips Lifeline have a CareSage solution which uses predictive analytics to help determine if you are more at risk of requiring assistance. The products offered by Philips Lifeline also mean that you can be catered for according to your condition.


To maintain its position as reputable medical alert system providers, Philips Lifeline has developed their systems as to meet all individual needs. The medical alert systems offered by Philips Lifeline are divided in to At home (HomeSafe) or On the go (GoSafe).

At home

Perfect for those of us that enjoy much of our time at home. Features of choosing an At home based system include fall detection technology, water resistant alert buttons, landline and cellular connections and pendants and wristbands. It is like having a “virtual companion” at home with you.

HomeSafe Standard

  • Starting at $29.95 a month
  • One time cost of $50 (activation fee)

This option comes with 24/7 access to response centers at just the push of a button. You can select either the landline or cellular option.

HomeSafe with AutoAlert

  • Starting at $44.95 a month
  • One time cost of $50 (activation fee)

Teamed with the classic medical alert system, but with AutoAlert also included. You can select either the landline or cellular option.

On the go

If you are a more active person, then the On the go system may be a more suitable selection for you. Features with choosing On the go include fall detection, water resistant alert buttons, landline and cellular connections and up to six technologies available. The technologies are:

  • Wi-Fi – useful when indoors.
  • Two-way communication – A representative is on hand to help.
  • In-home communication – When home, the devices pair together so that responders will know where your location is.
  • Audio beacon – So responders can find you, the pendant acts as a beacon transmitting a loud noise.
  • Location breadcrumbs – records the wearer’s location and stores the information so you the wearer can be tracked as necessary.
  • A-GPS – using GPS you can receive information from both satellites and cellular networks.

GoSafe 2

  • Starting at $49.95 a month
  • One time cost of $99.95 (device fee)

This is a single piece system that comes with numerous locating technologies, plus fall detection and two-way communication. The equipment that comes with it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.


  • Starting at $54.95 a month
  • One time cost of $149 (device fee)

This comes with HomeSafe access, along with GPS technology to give you access at home and out and about. AutoAlert fall detection is also included.

Philips Medication Dispenser

Starting at $59.95 a month

Designed to provide a simpler way to handle medication regimes. The dispenser automatically dispenses medication at pre-programmed times. If you do not take the medication from the dispenser, the caregiver will be notified.

If can be difficult to stay up-to-date and correct with your medication and having this dispenser is meant to help reduce the chances of medication errors. As Philips Lifeline states, roughly one in ten hospital admissions for seniors are as a result of the incorrect use of medications.

The process of how it works is as simple as load, dispense and alert.


With either the push of a button or with automatic fall technology you can connect to the response team. Uniquely, the fall detection offered by Philips Lifeline uses three technologies in detecting a fall, they are accelerometers, barometric sensors and a finely tuned algorithm.

What is to like about Philips Lifeline

You do not become a successful company that has the largest customer base without having multiple reasons for why a customer may use your service. Below is a selection of reasons why so many have chosen Philips Lifeline as their medical alert system provider:

  • The company and the brand. A household name that has been successful for a long time with the known largest customer base for medical alert systems.
  • Alert buttons are waterproof.
  • Excellent response times of 21 seconds on average.
  • Response centers happy and able to help, even if you have a non-medical emergency.
  • To reduce the risk of strangulation, the neck cords provided by Philips Lifeline are designed to break apart under certain conditions (note, any cord round your neck can cause strangulation).
  • You have the option to pick either landline or cellular-based medical alert systems.
  • Decision Tool to help you decide what system is best for you if you are unsure what to choose.
  • No long-term contract.

What not to like about Philips Lifeline

For however good the figures look behind Philips Lifeline, you need to understand that not every medical alert system customer uses them, so there must be reasons why, of which you can find them below:

  • Fall detection is not 100% accurate.
  • Button signal range varies according to environmental factors out of your control.
  • Monthly cost and an additional cost with systems.
  • No choice in cellular carrier as only one is available.


It is essential you make certain whether your Medicare Advantage plans will cover your medical alert systems as some do. However, Medicare itself does not pay for medical alert systems.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Philips Lifeline has an ‘A+’ rating from the BBB.

Decision Tool

If you are looking at the products available and cannot decide what is most suitable to enhance the quality of your life, but you know that Philips Lifeline is right for you, then make use of the Decision Tool on their website. It makes the process of selecting a system as simple as possible. All that is required is that you answer four questions and from that you will be recommended the right solution for you.


In conclusion, with Philips Lifeline you know that you will be in great hands as can be attributed to their rich history and that they are able to boast having the largest customer base for medical alert systems. As Philips Lifeline describes itself, “Not all medical alert systems are created equal”, and this is true with Philips Lifeline who offer a very high standard of service for you along with their unique technology.