ResMed Portable Oxygen Concentrators Review


Improving lives since 1989, ResMed is a successful producer of respiratory care devices and is now an S&P 500 company. This success has led to them having a customer base in over 120 countries. As a pioneer of innovative solutions, ResMed is looking to empower customers, giving them the power to live a healthier, higher quality life.

ResMed has a market cap in excess of $10 billion and yearly revenues of over $2 billion. The size of the company means they employ more than 6,000 people globally.

ResMed and a bright future

Although already a successful company, ResMed is targeting bigger things and have set themselves the mission of changing 20 million lives by 2020 through their equipment and connected health solutions. In their own words, through their services they are looking to deliver the “gift of breath”.

Their logo is also much more than just an aesthetic logo, it was designed to embody their philosophy. The blue-to-red pulse curve on the logo is to illustrate a single healthy breath and it is also symbolising how blood becomes oxygenated with every breath. If ResMed go in to this much detail with their logo, you can only imagine the attention to detail that they have given their products and services.

They sum up their objectives in two points:

  • Provide life-changing diagnoses and treatments and
  • Enable remote and self-monitoring via therapy devices to improve the experiences, health and outcomes of patients.

Background on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

A long-term progressive lung disease that makes it more difficult to breathe. Two chronic conditions of COPD are chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Unfortunately, the main cause of COPD is smoking and once you have COPD it cannot be reversed. However, upon being diagnosed, there is treatment out there to handle your COPD and slow the progression of the disease to help make life easier. One revolutionary method of treatment is by using a portable oxygen concentrator.

Pulse-Wave technology

A criticism of traditional pulse-dose delivery which can be found in most portable oxygen concentrators on the market is that they provide too much oxygen, often more than the user is able to inhale. ResMed have looked to remedy this problem through their innovative Pulse-Wave technology. What it does is match the correct oxygen dose at the time of inhalation. In short, it synchronizes itself and the rate of oxygen delivery according to your variable breathing pattern. This technology helps to increase the effectiveness of oxygen therapy whilst also producing more comfort for users.

Portable oxygen concentrator offered by ResMed

Previously, ResMed provided the LifeChoice Activox. Although you can still find information on that device on their website, they clearly indicate that these are no longer available. In fact, in 2018 the Mobi replaced the LifeChoice Activox becoming the portable oxygen concentrator that ResMed now provides. The reason for this replacement is that essentially the Mobi is an upgrade, with Pulse-Wave technology, the Mobi is a more effective portable oxygen concentrator.

Mobi – $2,295

Providing the important balance of weight, oxygen and battery life, the Mobi has Pulse-Wave technology to help provide users with the oxygen that they require to allow them to continue to be active and enjoy their life. As a portable oxygen concentrator, it is designed for travel and weighs just five and one-half pounds whilst measuring less than 10 inches in any direction.

Amongst the traditional benefits you get with a portable oxygen concentrator (small and lightweight), the Mobi also comes with additional benefits which makes it stand out in comparison to its competitors. The Mobi comes with one of the longest-lasting batteries to be used with a portable oxygen concentrator. The Mobi can run up to 13.1 hours using both the internal and external batteries (when on the first of four settings). Depending on which of the four settings you choose to use, the Mobi can run from 4.8 hours – 13.1 hours. The Mobi has an operating altitude from sea level to 10,000 feet (3,048 meters). If you go beyond this altitude, performance may be affected.

As a small portable device, you no longer need to feel self-conscious as there is a bag to perfectly conceal the device which can also attach to your wheelchair, walker or scooter as necessary. Alternatively, you may purchase a backpack to help with the ease of use. It is also very simple to use (one-touch setup), so you do not need to be worried about being stuck with complicated equipment.

You can purchase the Mobi through medical equipment providers as well as online stores. If you are struggling to find the device, ResMed welcome a call from you to help you find a provider in your area. Unfortunately, ResMed does not sell directly to consumers.

 Battery Duration
Oxygen SettingInternalExternal
1Up to 8.6 hoursUp to 4.5 hours
2Up to 6 hoursUp to 3 hours
3Up to 3.8 hoursUp to 1.9 hours
4Up to 3.2 hoursUp to 1.6 hours


As with most portable oxygen concentrators on the market, you can purchase accessories to make the experience of using one a better one for you. You can find accessories for the Mobi below:

  • Mounting Straps – $29
  • Extra AC Charger or DC Power Supply – $109
  • Carrying Bag – $119
  • Backpack – $169
  • External Battery – $299

Positives to using ResMed

With successfully having a geographically large customer base, ResMed is looking to be a market leader and this can be seen through their innovation to replace the LifeChoice Activox with the Mobi. In addition, you can find reasons below on why you should have a portable oxygen concentrator from ResMed:

  • Long battery life.
  • Simple to use.
  • Stylish bag to conceal tubing and batteries.
  • Minimum maintenance required.
  • There is an alarm in case the device malfunctions.
  • Designed for travel.
  • Device approved by the FAA for travel as displayed on the bottom of the Mobi itself.
  • Varying levels of warranty according to the piece of equipment.
  • Possible insurance coverage.
  • ResMed dedicate 7% of annual revenue to research and development.

Negatives to using ResMed

As with any company or product you choose, you must acknowledge the drawbacks associated with them. Below you will find reasons which may deter you from using ResMed:

  • You cannot purchase the device directly from ResMed. You must find a medical equipment provider or an online store.
  • If batteries discharge during a power outage, you are left with no oxygen.


Be careful to ensure you fully understand the warranty as it changes according to the equipment. There is non-transferable warranty covering the Mobi for five years whereas accessories, batteries and the sieve bed are only covered for one year.

Bear in mind that the warranty does not cover numerous situations including improper use, modifications, damage from smoke and repairs completed by non-authorized dealers.


Private insurance may cover at least part of the cost of your portable oxygen concentrator and with Medicare Part B they will cover your portable oxygen concentrator (though this is under strict conditions and usually requires rental first). The Medicare Supplement Insurance plan may possibly help cover some of the costs however as strongly recommended, no matter what your insurance plan, it is essential that you check and confirm the coverage you will receive from your insurance for a portable oxygen concentrator.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

ResMed has received an ‘A-‘ rating from the BBB.


In conclusion, with ResMed they work differently in comparison to other providers of portable oxygen concentrators. Instead of having a range of devices available, they only have one. However, having a lack of choice may make the experience of selecting a device easier and the Mobi itself is a high-tech device, replacing the LifeChoice Activox and coming with the innovative Pulse-Wave technology. Instead of trying to find a different product for each person, ResMed, through the Mobi has provided a high quality portable oxygen concentrator which stands out against its competitors. You do not become an S&P 500 company with annual revenues of over $2 billion and a customer base covering more than 120 countries without having an excellent product.