Saatva Mattress Review


Saatva approach the market of adjustable beds through a sustainable approach which makes them stand out against their competitors. All in all, though, they have the same message as you will find at other similar companies which is, providing high-quality adjustable beds at prices that are available for all who require them.

Manufacturing occurs within one of their 19 American factories for customers in the USA or otherwise it will occur in their Toronto factory for Canadian customers.


The success of Saatva has been heralded and recognised. You will find these proudly displayed on their website. These awards include the following:

  • Best spring mattress for back pain – Business Insider
  • Best Mattress for Athletes – Men’s Journal
  • 2018 Sustainability Product of the Year – Business Intelligence Group

Saatva’s Eco Mission

As mentioned earlier, Saatva has taken a different approach, which is one that is eco driven. You can find examples of this throughout every stage of their enterprise as listed below:

  • Although Saatva mattresses are not 100% organic, they are designed to be eco-friendly, as their foams are using at least 30% either corn oil or soy.
  • Discourage bacterial growth using natural botanical antimicrobial treatment.
  • For flame retardation, a natural thistle barrier is used instead of chemicals. The natural thistle barrier is made mainly from wood pulp and is bonded with polyester.
  • Foundations are made of North American Spruce which has a reputation for its durability.
  • Mattress covers are made from organic cotton.
  • Recycled steel coils are used in their mattresses.
  • The organic cotton is GMO free, as well as the foam.

How delivery and set up works

In short, once you have purchased the adjustable bed of your choice, you will receive an estimated delivery date. On arrival, courtesy of their White-glove delivery, you will find that the team removes your old mattress and will set up your brand new adjustable bed and give you a demonstration of exactly how your new adjustable bed operates!

Please note, removal of your old bed frame is not included in the White-glove delivery.

Picking your bed

There are numerous ways to help you decide what is the right bed for you, from the mattress to the bed. One example can be seen through the comfort level which goes from 1 – 10. This is illustrated below:

  • 3 – Plush Soft – Perfect for side sleepers and those who want a body hugging feel.
  • 5 – 7 – Luxury Firm – The Saatva bestseller and used in luxury hotels.
  • 8 – Firm – A firm mattress for heavier people and those who sleep on their stomach.


With Saatva, you are not just selecting a bed frame, with Saatva’s you will be met with numerous features which are laid out below:

  • Adjustable height – The pin push legs can go from 6” – 10”. This can raise the Lineal 14” – 18” off the floor.
  • Elevation – At the touch of a button you can raise your head or feet individually.
  • Frame – The Lineal is compatible with any open cavity bed and may perform without foundations or box springs.
  • Mattress compatibility – The 11.5” Saatva Mattress.
  • Massage – It comes with three speeds which shut off after 15 minutes. You may also decide to have either a full-body wave massage or instead either a head and/or leg massage.
  • Remote control – A one-touch remote requiring 3 AAA batteries.
  • Retention system – The translucent corner retainers aid the mattress in use as the base articulates.
  • Under-bed lighting – You can control the illumination levels.
  • Upholstery – A Textured Granite antimicrobial upholstery.
  • Wall-hugging design – This helps keep the space between the headboard and mattress constant.
  • Weight capacity – A maximum of 850lbs.
  • Whisper-Soft Motor – One of the quietists in the industry.

Bed Dimensions

When selecting your bed, it is of course essential you select the right bed for your circumstances. Below in the table, are the dimensions for each bed that Saatva offer (please note, the base is 15” tall with a standard leg height of 7”. The legs are adjustable from 6” to 10”):

Bed TypeDimensionsWeight
Twin38” x 75”140 lbs
Twin XL38” x 80”147 lbs
Full54” x 75”175 lbs
Queen60” x 80”184 lbs
King76” x 80” *294 lbs
California King72” x 84” *280 lbs


* These come as two pieces and thus may be split if desired.

What Saatva recommend

If you are unsure on exactly what to get, Saatva conveniently provide a recommendation for you, which is also convenient for Saatva as it includes both their adjustable base and mattress. Their recommendation is the Saatva Mattress and Lineal Adjustable Base.

Why should you consider buying an adjustable bed from Saatva?

When considering buying a bed from Saatva, there are numerous reasons for why you should purchase from them. See below a list of reasons for why so many already have:

  • Eco-friendly products.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Products can be easily bought through the Saatva website.
  • 120-day mattress trial.
  • 0% financing available.
  • Varying levels of warranty.
  • Military discount.
  • Free white-glove delivery.
  • Four hour delivery time window is hit 97% of the time.

Why should you consider not buying an adjustable bed from Saatva?

For all that is good and attractive from Saatva, you cannot take a blanket approach of one-size fits all for everyone. Instead, consider the list of reasons below for why Saatva may not be the best adjustable bed provider for you:

  • Not all Saatva Mattresses work with the adjustable frame. The 11.5” innerspring mattress is compatible, however, the 14.5” innerspring mattress is not.
  • Removal of your old bed frame is not included within the white-glove delivery.
  • Varying levels of warranty.
  • Must pay $99 for use of warranty.
  • Describing a 120-day trial feels like false advertisement as in the event you do not continue with Saatva after implementing this, you still must pay the $99 fee. They advertise that this service will ‘exceed your expectations’, but this fee puts that in great doubt.
  • Once purchased, the bed cannot be either exchanged or returned.

Finance and Saatva

Although Saatva wish to pursue the sale of their products at the best possible price and make them universally available to all that need them, some customers will still feel the pinch and will want to consider financial options available to them if they were to move forward with Saatva. Thankfully there are a few options:

  • You can get 0% APR finance for six months with Saatva if you are able to qualify through Klarna and it is paid in full. Klarna are a global payment solutions company that are designed to provide a simpler buying experience for customers.
    • If the balance is not paid in full within the first six months, the APR will rise to 19.99%.
  • Military personnel and veterans can receive $50 discount on their orders with Saatva.


Unfortunately, although there is warranty for Saatva (and they self-describe it as the ‘friendliest warranty in the mattress industry’), you must check the level of coverage as it varies from product to product. They do clearly advertise their warranty on a specific page on their website, however you must read each point to ensure you are not an exception to what you may class as absurd exceptions.

When choosing their warranty, Saatva decided to partner with Leggett & Platt who are adjustable bed experts and have a strong commitment to the idea of, made in America production.

In addition, you also must pay a fee of $99 when your product has been picked up.

A brief run down of warranty for the adjustable base can be seen below as their ’25-year warranty’ can be broken down into parts:

  • All parts and all labor are covered for the first five years.
  • For years 6 – 25 you are responsible for labor and transportation fees, on a prorated basis.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Saatva has received an ‘A+’ rating from the BBB.


In conclusion, Saatva provide a different approach to adjustable beds which appeal to our ethical side when buying products. Although that may not be the most crucial buying point for consumers, Saatva also try to provide high-quality products at affordable prices for all.