Safe Step Walk-In Tubs Review


Providing walk-in baths since 2009 and based in Nashville, Tennessee, Safe Step are strong champions of the idea that domestic manufacturing provides superior levels of quality control. The belief is that it allows them to be more responsive and provide better quality products at better prices.

Safe Step understand that many users of walk-in baths are looking for freedom, independence and the ability to maintain their dignity. This is why instead of just hitting the benchmark standards, they make sure they exceed the extremely high standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

What makes Safe Step a major player in the walk-in tub market?

Their walk-in tubs are customizable. You can alter the size and design of the bath in accordance with your demands.

As a company they try to come across as more understanding than other competitors, recognizing that the bathroom can become a place of fear for some as the chances of having an accident rise when in the bathroom. As a result they focus on the safety of the products and ensuring product excellence.


When trying to get a price for a walk-in bath from Safe Step, you will find it is not straightforward. The reason behind this is that quotes are often considered bespoke and as a result the price you are quoted will more often than not be unique to you. As a general reference point, the price of their walk-in tubs are approximately $10,000.

The price of the walk-in bath includes delivery, installation and removal of your previous bath. Safe Step say these are some of those factors which may affect the price:

  • Installation – This is a major factor in the total price.
  • Dimensions – Safe Step offer three standard sizes but custom options may be required if you are looking for a larger bath size or smaller bath size than they offer.
  • Rebates and discounts – Helpings Hands Rebate and discounts for those of military service.
  • Financing – Tailored financing plans.
  • Lowest price guarantee – If you find a walk-in bath of equal quality but cheaper within thirty days of the written agreement, Safe Step will refund you the difference plus $100.

Safe Step acknowledge that the cost of a walk-in bath may deter a customer from purchasing one, as a result, they try to help out by offering a finance plan with approved credit.

In addition you may be able to secure a “Helping Hands Rebate”, which could see you receive up to $1,500 off per household. If you or a loved one suffer from nerve problems, diabetes, arthritis, sciatica or other similar health issues, you may be eligible for a $750 rebate.

Being a military veteran may also help to secure further discounts.

Safe Step’s Walk-in tubs

If there was one word to sum up their walk-in tubs, it would be quality. This can be shown from the fact that over 50 people will work on each tub before its final clean and packaging as well as Safe Step having a 14-Point Quality Control Inspection that every one of their tubs has to pass.

There are many features with their walk-in tubs as can be seen below:

Convenience features:

  • Shower wand
  • East to reach waterproof remote control
  • Electronic keypad
  • Heated seat and back rest
  • Fast filling tub
  • Quantum Rapid Drain System
  • Towel bar conveniently located on the door
  • Inward-opening door
  • Embroidered towels
  • Solid-surface easy clean finish
  • Fits in to standard tub space

Safety features:

  • Low-entry door
  • Built-in grab bars
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Anti-scald technology
  • Sanitary gel coat

Therapeutic features:

  • Hydro-Jet Water Therapy – 10 strategically placed Hydro-Jets designed to soothe tight, aching areas. The jets are adjustable for a personalized bathing experience, where you can vary the speed and intensity as well as making the jets target specific areas for relief.
  • MicroSoothe Air Therapy System – This involves millions of tiny oxygen-enriched bubbles which help to create a spa-like experience through stimulating and nourishing your skin.
  • Chromotherapy – Choose from seven different colors of light within the tub.
  • Aromatherapy – You can have essential oils dissolve and produce aromas when using the MicroSoothe Advanced Air Therapy System.
  • Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System – Combing adjustable whirlpools and air massage jets.
  • Personal Hygiene Therapy – The system has a bidet built in to the seat which helps you to thoroughly clean ‘hard to reach’ areas.
  • Safe Water Ozone Cleaning System – The water is purified through the jets, preventing bacteria from entering the tub.

Pros of Safe Step

The walk-in tub is a popular product offered by Safe Step and there is no confusion why as you will see from the list of reasons below:

  • ADA compliant rapid fill faucet.
  • Free consultation.
  • The walk-in tubs come in numerous sizes. There are three standard sizes but you can have customizable options for size depending on whether you need a smaller or larger size walk-in bath.
  • Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation for Ease-of-Use.
  • All walk-in tubs are manufactured in the USA.
  • Guaranteed lowest price for a walk-in tub of the quality you decide. If you do find a walk-in bath of equal quality but cheaper within thirty days of the written agreement, Safe Step will refund you the difference plus $100 subject to certain conditions.
  • Once you have bought a product, you can relax as they take care of everything afterwards, from the delivery, to the installation and the disposal of your old bathtub.
  • Installation can be completed within one or two days with many installations taking only one day.
  • The product comes with limited lifetime warranty.
  • Safe Step Cares.

Cons of Safe Step

In spite of all that is good with Safe Step, not everything about them is to everyone’s taste. See below reasons why Safe Step is not for everyone:

  • You may be charged upfront for a deposit.
  • There is an unnecessary difficulty in obtaining a price for the walk-in tub.
  • If you are renting the home you live in, you are unable to have a walk-in tub installed.
  • No Medicare or Medicaid coverage.

Purchase and begin the relaxation process

Once you have made your purchase of a walk-in tub, you can immediately begin the relaxation process. This is because Safe Step take over, organizing delivery as well as the installation of the walk-in tub and the removal of your previous bathtub. These services are included within the costs of the walk-in tub.

The process should take one to two days and is intended to be a one-stop-shop for customers.

When selecting dealers and those who will install your new walk-in bath for you, they make certain that they are always both fully insured and fully certified. They go as far as to say that their work is “100% guaranteed”.


The walk-in tubs provided by Safe Step come with a lifetime warranty on the tub (including any manufacturing defects), door seal, faucets, heater, blowers, water pumps, parts and labor. There is also a two-year warranty on caulking.

Be aware of specific exclusions that do apply regarding the warranty.

Medicare and Medicaid

Walk-in bath tubs are not classified as ‘durable medical equipment’. This means the costs of a walk-in tub will not be covered by either Medicare or Medicaid.

Safe Step Cares

This is a fabulous initiative that has been going since 2012 and sees Safe Step giving back and giving to those in need who are unable to afford the tub on their own. What it is, is Safe Step donate walk-in tubs to individuals and families who find the tubs unaffordable in their circumstances.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Safe Step received an ‘A+’ rating from the BBB. Safe Step also has commendation from the Arthritis Foundation for Ease-of-Use.


When looking for a walk-in tub you are often looking for certain features such as easy access, safety bars and the walk-in bath having therapeutic features itself. With Safe Step, if you select one of their walk-in baths you can gain access to all of this allowing you to live the quality of life you deserve. That is one which is safe, independent, comfortable and convenient. The walk-in baths from Safe Step will provide you therapeutic benefits from aromatherapy to chromotherapy.